TBoD Podcast – Episode 12 – The Good The Bad and The Cutlery

Due to too much frivolity (read; drinking) during our long weekend we totally neglected to make a podcast last week, so to make up for it today we have a bumper 2 hour episode – you poor bastards.

On this episode you can hear patchy half thoughts on the following things occurring in games and stuff: –

We talk about the upcoming digital card game from Mojang called Scrolls

The new gameplay footage from Zenimax for the epic Elder Scrolls Online.

Bethesda is bringing back Wolfenstein in The New Order

Sega and Nintendo team up to bring us three new Sonic games

Our main discussion is all about the good and bad points gleaned from the info released on the Xbox One following their press release.

Plus we introduce a couple of new segments that hopefully we will remember to do every week.

Take a listen and leave a comment if you have anything to say on this whole charade. Thanks

To download episode, right click here then ‘Save Link As’.


3 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 12 – The Good The Bad and The Cutlery

  1. Good work, lads. I enjoyed listening to that while doing some work.

    I doubt you would of been so kind to the PS4 if it was in Xbox One’s position! But I can totally understand that you have sentimental attachments to Microsoft. I personally don’t think its all doom and gloom either, but Kinect being always on does put me off massively, and means I wont be buying one.

    The presentation was most likely done to appease all the partners who are pouring in millions of dollars. E3 is when they’ll be bringing out all the games and I’m sure they’ll do a good job. You don’t turn into a terrible company over night, do you?

    I think for you lads, it’ll come down to whether Destiny is geared more towards PS4, which at the moment its seems to be, and that’ll probably make your minds up come D-day.

    Great stuff.

    • Thanks for the comment dude. I think part of the reason that we (and many others) are so critical of microsoft is because of our attachment to the Xbox we’ve shown our commitment over the years and we expect them to do the same. The idea of an always on kinect does terrify me somewhat but I’m not sure if that’s paranoia or not? The thing that makes it seem the creepiest is that it has to be connected for Xbox one to function which just seems to scream that it’s being used for some sinister purpose.
      It is looking increasingly likely that Destiny will hold the final say in my decision but it also depends on what other exclusive titles are announced for each platform come e3.

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