TBoD Podcast – Xbox One Reaction Special

Xbox One

It is rather fitting that our 100th blog post falls on this day.

On this special edition of the podcast we voice our immediate reactions and thoughts as gamers on Microsoft’s next-gen console Xbox One.

Minimally edited so apologies for the rough cut but it’s as much as a stream of first impressions as it is a podcast, we hope it gets you thinking.

Please leave a comment, I am sure this has a generated a lot of opposing viewpoints so let us know what you think.


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18 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Xbox One Reaction Special

  1. I loved the Xbox presentation. I now have no doubt as to which console I want, especially considering some of the additional tiny details they conveniently decided to leave out of the presentation.
    Destiny awaits. On my PS4. Good riddance Micro$oft.

    I’m very excited about the Halo TV show though. I can’t wait to download it every week.

    • I think I with you at this stage bud. I was really relying on the presentation to sway me back to Microsoft but it just didn’t happen. Still never say never cause we just don’t know what Mr Gates and co have lined up for E3.

  2. It was disheartening not to have much on games – I know they’ll get there (I’m thinking E3 along with everyone else), but to start out of the gate marketing to the world at large instead of what game them there means I’m already cynical about it … and that’s not a good place to start.

    However, the whole point is moot for me since where Halo goes so do I – but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the maximum number of people to come along with me 🙂

    • Lol yeah, it seems Xbox are not content on gamers money but they want everyone else’s too. This whole baked in EA style pass has really soured by opinion in the past day or so and I am not at sure I will get one of these things, vote with your wallet I guess, as a non American who doesn’t use his Xbox for much TV / movies I felt a bit neglected.

      If thats Microsofts leading foot too then at least Halo TV will be on the Internet after it airs on XBO

      I have just been commenting on PGCRs Facebook page and was actually told by a community member to keep my opinion to myself basically because I’m not fapping over the new shiny.

      • This is a trend I’m seeing. All the Halo and Xbox fanboys are saying that they are going to Xbox regardless of their opinion of the console, because it haz haloz. That’s disheartening. We need to vote with our wallets, and not support the things we don’t like, and support the things we do.

        I love Halo as much as the next guy… *looks at room full of merchandise*… well maybe a bit more than the next guy, but I’m still not getting the new console. Because it sounds poisonous to the industry, and you know, I don’t watch TV. I’m not paying £399 to continue not watching TV, on a service which isn’t available in my country anyway…

        Basically, if you’re getting any of the new consoles, do it of a reason, not because ‘oh god haloz’, or ‘oh godz infamous’. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be a fanboy.

      • Amen, I’m talking to a brick wall over here in this thread in facebook. I’m glad someone else feels as we do. You my friend can come again 🙂

      • That’s refreshing to hear. It seems like the entire remaining Halo community is afraid of admitting what they truly think of the new Xbox because they’re too comfortable to shift their focus on their sites and blogs etc. It’s Halo 4 all over again. They just sound like apologists. Pretty much the only people left in the core community are fanboys and fangirls who think it’s amazing as long as it has Halo written on it. None of them are even willing to consider other consoles or services (some not even other games). Their blind devotion to a faceless corporation does nothing but damage to the industry. Sorry for ranting. Oh, and I don’t mean this blog. You guys are awesome.

        But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe playing Halofield 5: Future Warfare, while watching sports, while using internet explorer, while shouting at my Xbox, while waving my arms around is the future of gaming. I think I’m done with video games for a whil- wait what? A new Destiny trailer? HELL YES.

      • Yeah, don’t get me wrong, if ps4 release similar details to their console doing the same regarding games being associated with profile then it comes down to a toss on features/power for me.

        Yeah the trailer is cool, did u notice that PS4 logo and no sign of Xbox one, obvs it’s coming to XBO but it totally reaks of which console Bungie are backing, maybe I’m reading too much into it.

      • Yeah I think ever since Microsoft screwed Bungie by rushing Halo 2, and made them make ODST and Reach in order to get out of their contract, they’ve wanted some revenge. They’re classy about it though. ’tis the Bungie way.

      • I just got a text from Cartoon Robinson saying “That Gunslinger knows what he’s talking about” and I have to say I couldn’t agree more. You’ve hit the nail on the head time and time again here man.

        Thanks as always for your comments we really appreciate your opinion (especially when it coincides with our own ;b).

      • I’ll be listening to the latest podcast tonight/tomorrow morning – I want to do that before I throw any questions your way.

        I enjoyed the game as well! Those 1-Flag CTF matches were fantastic … and I hope Eremenko didn’t take my Bolt Shot comment to heart – I know he’s got skills all over the place, not just with mini-shotguns 🙂

      • Ah! That was you! I thought it was Wach. Curse you and your flippant remarks. I cried myself to sleep over that last night. Nah it’s all good really I totally understand your frustration I was hating on the bolt shot equally as much in the first game. I was totally camping on turf like a little bastard…. not that it did me any good.

        In short I still love ya Knightly.

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