TBoD Podcast – Episode 11 – A Pair of Cunning Stunts

Episode 11 is here and this is the first of 2 podcasts this week! The world is in trouble!

Today we are here to talk about various innovations in gaming hardware including: –

A new controller system made by a Mad Genius.

The new handheld coming from Nvidia known as Shield.

and what seems to be the prototype for a Holodeck known as the Oton X! and what the implications of all these new devices will have on our gaming landscape.

We discuss the release of Carmageddon on Android and our vision gets all wobbly lined as we flashback to when we used to play the original all those years ago….

Our final Durango Unchained segment as talk about what must be the last batch of rumours for the Next Xbox before the unveiling.

We cast a suspicious eye over EA’s plans to abolish their online pass scheme and some of their other moves in the industry.

We also talk about a little game we have both been enjoying called Terraria and offer you a chance to win a copy on Steam. Woohoo!

Anyway as usual leave a comment if you are feeling chatty or leave an itunes review if you are feeling generous! Thanks

Right Click and ‘Save Link As’ To Download Episode 11



2 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 11 – A Pair of Cunning Stunts

  1. I’m a big fan of Terraria. I got it back in 2011 for like £1.20 in the Xmas Steam sale. I’ve played it for 170 hours apparently. I’ve recently got back into playing it while listening to various podcasts. Yesterday, I built a boss arena on the top of a giant ruined tower with a demonic skull on the front that cries lava. I wouldn’t mind having a look at your server if you’ll allow it. I promise to only pour lava on like 50% of your world and only put up a few rude signs.

    I’m so hyped for the Xbox reveal. I kind of hope it will be terrible, or 5 times better than the PS4, so all of my friends will be on one console. I’ll watch your livestream if I’m not in a hype-induced coma.

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