We Know What The Next Xbox Will Be

Microsoft decided to give Teabag or Die full, exclusive, early access to the new Xbox that will be announced this Tuesday. They made us sign a nondisclosure agreement, but this story is too big to not break. We can’t pass up the page hits…it’s like a drug.

Actually, what really happened is that I sent out an email to all the writers of TBoD asking for their answers to 19 questions regarding the rumors surrounding the new Xbox. I received 5 replies (including my own) that are being compiled into TBoD’s official Xbox Prediction. Crinbot, Eremenko, Salmonfin, The Quim Ninja, and The Wach all collaborated to determine how Tuesday’s Xbox announcement will pan out. Between the five of us, I believe we have a good shot at being the most accurate site out there giving our predictions. After Microsoft’s announcement, we will go through and grade TBoD’s predictions as well as each of our individual predictions. You can see our individual predictions here.

It is really interesting to see our answers and where we all agreed and when we had 3/2 split answers. I am very excited to see what happens on Tuesday!

PS There is a 20th question I wish I asked, but failed to think of it when I sent out the original list, so I am going to leave the 20th question up to our readers. Leave your answers in the comments below. Will the next Halo title be announced as a launch title?

  1. Required internet connection for “Always On” gaming
    • No. However, we believe studios will be able to require it on a game-by-game basis
  2. Kill off second-hand/used games
    • No
  3. Illumi-room
    • Yes. However, it will be offered as a separate peripheral.
  4. Updated Kinect
    • Yes
  5. Backwards Compatibility
    • Yes
  6. Cater to indie developers
    • Yes
  7. Name?
    • We have a two-way tie between Xbox Fusion and Xbox Infinity. But how is there a two-way tie among 5 voters, you ask. Because I guessed Infinite.
  8. Launch date month? Include an exact date for bonus points.
    • Our consensus is the last week of October or the first week of November. The average of all our estimates is October 23
  9. Blue-ray/HD capable optical drive
    • Yes
  10. Will there be an optical drive?
    • Yes
  11. 4K video capability
    • Yes
  12. Ability to start games/DLC while they are still downloading
    • Yes
  13. Improved controller
    • Yes, but only marginally
  14. Controller integrated with Kinect
    • Yes
  15. Hardware specs that beat PS4 on paper
    • No
  16. Ability to record gameplay & share
    • Yes
  17. Instant on capability
    • Yes
  18. Price range (no greater than $50)
    • All of our estimates fell within $400-$500 with our average at about $450.
  19. Runs full Windows 8
    • No

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