TBoD Podcast – Episode 9 – Wigity Wigity Wigity Wack!

We seem to getting less and less fashionably late but here it is, Episode 9

We blither on about the following: –

Game Dev Tycoon and its Hack-ception style launch

The launch trailer of CyberPunk 2077

CoD Ghosts….meh.

We then dissect the GTAV Reveal Trailers with particularly blunt rocks and talk about a couple of games we have been playing that would be worth a look by you lovely people.

Enjoy and please leave us comment if you have any thoughts in your brain. Thanks

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4 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 9 – Wigity Wigity Wigity Wack!

  1. Red Dead Redemption was set in 1911 I think. It’s also the greatest game of this generation in my opinion. I don’t care about Call of Duty 52: Modern Warfield 8: Chronicles. I like games with artistic integrity.

    I honestly think that GTAV will be the best game in years. It just looks so polished and massive in scale. As long as it delivers an engaging story, then I know it will be brilliant. I’m super excited for free-roam multiplayer too. I still play GTA IV free roam, though the actual game modes are crap. Rockstar are one of the few developers that I actually trust. Time and time again, they have proven that they are among the best in the industry. Plus, you know, I like running over a crowd of helpless pedestri- uh I mean… I’m a well adjusted member of society.

    And you said you wanted something specific for livestreaming, soooo… Portal 2, please. It provides all the frustration of watching you play BattleBlock Theater, but in a 3D environment. šŸ˜€

  2. Ha artistic integrity. Something that is getting pretty scarce in video games these days.
    Rockstar are known for delivering quality, time after time they release brilliant games that re-define the sandbox genre not to mention releasing dlc priced content that could easily be deemed games in their own right and would no doubt have been released as fully independent titles by some studios *cough Assasins Creed Brotherhoood cough*.
    I love Portal 2 and it’s definitely been long enough since I played through it with Quim that we will have completely forgotten how to do any of the puzzles and will thus frustrate the hell out of you and ourselves and I look forward to trying to jump over helicopters on dirt bikes off mountains in San Andreas with you come September.

  3. Surprisingly… I’m really pumped for GTA V. Ihavent really cared for the series since vice city but everything I’ve heard about the next instalment sounds like it will be really fun and engaging. The fact that you control 3 characters and that it’s a heist story! Yes! I’m back on board. I’m well up for some group carnage with you guys and slinger.

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