TBoD Podcast – Episode 8 – Random Access Mammaries

Better late than never, here is Episode 8!

Today we talk about the Beyond Two Souls 35 minute trailer.

We mutter about Microsoft’s next-gen console release date and their plans for pizza domination.

We peer at Watch Dogs and its release date.

We also get brainwashed by a viral video for GTA V.

And we talk about how awesome the upcoming old school gaming expo NERG is going to be.

Plus we highlight medical applications of Tetris.

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The 8 bit intro music is credited to Floating Point – check his channel out and download the track from the link on the video


4 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 8 – Random Access Mammaries

  1. NERG sounds pretty awesome. The appearance Golden Axe has my attention. It’s one of my childhood games. I may have to go down there. Also, I call shotgun on the dwarf. He’s the best character if you just spam the attack button while jumping repeatedly.

    Livestreaming sounds awesome too. I love watching livestreams. Anything would be good really.

    Also, Grifball on Oculus Rift. PLEASE 343. You know, then I can justify playing so many games if I’m exercising too… cause Kinect didn’t exactly achieve that.

    • Griffball on Occulous Rift …. possibly the sweetest words ever written. Thanks for listening as always mate. If you get to NERG it would be great to play some Golden Axe with ya, I guess I’ll play the warrior chap in the absence of an elf and since you’ve already snapped up Gillius.

  2. Another podcast, another hour of awesome – thanks for putting it together, braving the bout of mumps and dog attacks that you did 🙂

    When you guys were talking about Heavy Rain, it made me think about another series where you do a look of looking and listening – the Metal Gear series. The difference is it seems Metal Gear gets a lot of crap for it, while Heavy Rain (I’m guessing since it’s not billed as an “action game”) doesn’t.

    I really enjoy cut scenes in a game – the longer the better – so the blending of great action with longer pauses in that action for some cut scenes/story to take place is fine with me. What do you guys think?

    The transition from Beyond Two Souls to the Pizza Hut app was pure magic. From an entry to a film festival to … pizza in my face. Nice.

    I hadn’t heard about the next Xbox hologram – weather effects in your room? Opening your window is just too low tech for some I guess.

    Final thought – I agree Tetris may replace the eye patch as the predominant treatment for lazy eye, but it will take awhile. It was the only mainstream pirate accessory you could get away with, and scalawags everywhere won’t give it up without a fight.

    • Yeah I’m a big cut scene fan too it’s kind of a requirement to love J-rpgs the trouble with mgs games is that the story is told through conversation over codec which isn’t so much a cut scene as listening in on a phone conversation, don’t get me wrong mgs is a great series I just have some gripes with being dragged out of the action for some unnecessary conversation. The cut scene as a whole though is almost as widely renounced as the qte I don’t think either are a bad mechanic so long as they are well executed and not over-used.

      Thanks for commenting as always man glad you’re still listening.

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