TBoD Podcast – Episode 7 – Bi-Planes to X-Wings

We are joined by guest host CartoonRobinson from ArtHeroes.co.uk for the first of two casts this week!

In it we talk;

– HD remakes

– The week in X720 rumours

– The prefect length for a game

– Day Z Dev blog and some interesting rumours

– The effect of the recession on Scrouge McDuck

– An interesting marriage proposal

– Girl scouts ……. erm.

– Star Wars

– Microsoft to reward MSP for playing …. in Japan

All while avoiding spoilers on Tomb Raider and saying “like” a lot.

So if your lugholes tire from the sounds of life have a little listen and as ever let us know what you think. You can rejoin the three of us later this week for our Bioshock Infinite SpoilerCast special NB it will have spoilers in it … the clue’s in the name.

As always you can listen right here on the page or hit the download link below. (also on iTunes, OneCast and so on)

Right Click and Choose ‘Save Link As’ to Download this Episode.


16 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 7 – Bi-Planes to X-Wings

  1. I used to go to Grainger market every weekend when I was younger. I always came back with like 8 pre-owned PS1 games. I don’t ever go into Grainger games these days though. It’s a bit…um…actually I don’t want to offend anyone. 😛

    • Really? I didn’t even realise you were from the North mate. Sorry.
      Yeah I have very fond memories of Grainger games, especially during the the Dreamcast days going in there and picking up like 4 pre owned games for a tenner it was like gamers heaven back then although the store is a little depressing now.
      Grandia 2 was probably my most memorable purchase there.
      Thanks for listening and commenting man we’ll have to talk more about Grainger memories next time I see you on live.

      • Yeah man, born and raised in North Shields, so Newcastle is close by. My accent isn’t that pronounced any more. The Geordie-ness of my voice has slowly went away over the years. Not sure why. Though I do still put the word “like” on the end of sentences for no reason sometimes.

      • I wouldn’t worry about it man when I was in London some guy thought I was a Kiwi. I was doing my best Dean Hall impression though.

  2. Gentlemen (I apologize for the longer comment, but there was a lot of goodness!)

    Really enjoyed this one – I know I say that every time, but in this podcast especially I felt like I was right there with you just going on about games. Thank you for putting these on!

    Speaking of thanks, thank you for the shout out about the LAN! I had more good stuff coming, from pictures of swag to tales of dinosaurs in 3D so be on the lookout. Of course HBOhio will mean nothing if I’m able to accept your invite to the official Teabagordie LAN. I’ll come, but only if I get at least one ride on the TBoD jet.

    Wow – Shooter’s Corner, Durango Unchained and now Geek Tangent … you’ve got three official segments already!

    When it comes to HD remakes there are two games that come to mind: first, Aladdin on the Sega Genesis. I loved that game back in the day.I played that game so much that scraps of the soundtrack will find their way into my consciousnesses now and again completely unbidden. (Cool, but also a little freaky.) Second (also from my Genesis days) would be Jurassic Park. I remember thinking the graphics were great back then, so to see them in HD glory would be a treat. Plus you play as the Raptor – what more could you want?

    Eremenko mentioned that the HD remakes only work with good games, which got me thinking – what games would make you want to put your eyes out if they did do an HD remake? Shaq-fu perhaps? 🙂

    On a final note I have started the LucasArts post as you saw, but had to rage-quit when over two hours worth of work was erased by an internet hiccup. When I’ve stopped seeing red, I’ll be back to finish it up.

    • Yeah man we saw the beginnings of your post and got very excited. I remember putting way too much time into that Aladdin game too and I still don’t think I ever finished it such a ludicrously tough game as was the jurrasic park one, I could get up to the t-rex skeleton near the end but never figured out what I had to do to finish the game … maybe you could enlighten me? (Thinking about it I actually think that is my first Everest game).

      Really glad you enjoyed this one I think it’s our best to date we had a really nice day talking games and diseccting BioShock it all just sorta came together. Glad to shout out the HBOhio event it sounds like a blast and I can’t wait to see the pics.

      Thanks for listening.

      • I remember I had to use a guide in order to figure it out – you have to throw the explosive grenades just right into the center, and then the T-Rex skeleton would come down.

        The funny thing about games back in the day was that you didn’t have a hundred different outlets you could go to for a review, or people telling you how hard the game was. You went to the back of your local video store (often close to the unsavory section) and picked out a game based on if the picture on the front was cool, i.e., “I like Aladdin, therefore I will play and like this game called Aladdin.”

      • Ha, I’m sure I tried that, well I tried everything I could think of I didn’t have a guide, didn’t have the internet and that’s the most important point, if you were stuck in a game there was no way to just look it up like there is now and with games having a much higher difficulty level it made each game last that bit longer and each level you beat all the more satisfying. I will emulate and beat that game one day.

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