TBoD Podcast – Episode 2 – In Your Endo

On our second episode we bring on guest host Spacca Attacker, also happens to be TBoD’s photographer and secret weapon on a sniper tip.

We talk about a Halo Megabloks animation heavy-weight Andrew Gagnon’s next project

A Fridge 2 Far 2 – the first episode airs this Friday the 22nd of March

We also chat a little about Minecraft Realms – the new server solution from Mojang.

We go in-depth on the latest map pack for Battlefield 3 – End Game.

And round it off with our thoughts on the Day Z standalone dev blog.

Teabag Or Die – Episode 2 – In Your Endo



2 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – Episode 2 – In Your Endo

  1. Gentlemen, a podcast well done.

    When you were talking about Day Z and just being scared when you watch someone play it, I had flashbacks of watching my roommates play through the original Resident Evil. Scared the crap out of me, but it was fun.

    It’s unfortunate so many chickens had to die in the making of this podcast, but it’s for a greater cause.

    Looking forward to the next!

    • Thanks Knightly and thanks for the re-posts too. I love that we awakened that early survival horror fear in you but I hope it didn’t cause too many sleepless nights.

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