TBoD Podcast – 1 – Relevant To Your Interests

In a bid to diversify our content we have cobbled together the first of hopefully many podcasts for your aural pleasure.

Teabag Or Die – Episode 1 – Relevant To Your Interests

We talk Playstation 4, in particular: –

We also wax lyrical about the rather unsavoury rumours on the next Xbox, before talking about Battlefield 3’s new map pack and how much we like Tomb Raider and discuss the good and bad points behind ‘freemium’ games.


25 thoughts on “TBoD Podcast – 1 – Relevant To Your Interests

  1. Gotta say guys, that was an excellent pilot piece for your first pod cast.
    It was an easy listening review that was both succinct and organic, especially the sound effects. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it. Means a lot coming from an esteemed scientist such as yourself 🙂 – we kind of blew the budget on the sound effects.

  2. Just listened to the whole thing. I liked it a lot actually and if you made it a regular thing I’m sure I would continue to listen. 😀

    Just wanted to say, with regards to Xbox and Playstation. I think Playstation is going to basically destroy Xbox if they don’t pull out anything really special and unique with their new console. The only advantages of having an Xbox in my opinion is for the Xbox Arcade and for a few exclusives(Halo, Fable…ect). Feel free to add more, but honestly I can’t see more than that.

    Playstation 4 seems to seriously aiming to take over the Indie market, obviously down to games like Minecraft becoming incredibly popular. With the new PC like specs and new direction for the console they won’t have a problem in convincing Indie devs to give them a go. That’s Xbox Arcade done with.

    Then I think on the exclusive side, Playstation has a much wider and stronger line up(Again, in my opinion). InFamous, Killzone, Last of Us, Uncharted…the list goes on. With the Playstation offering basically all if not more of what Xbox has ever offered, I can see Xbox dying.

    I’m excited to see what Microsoft bring to the table because there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. The situation reminds me sort of Blackberry have just done with the Z10. It was basically a make or break product for the company. Bring on the new Xbox. 🙂

    • Thanks for listening. I think you might be right in some respect, Ninja was saying that the PS3 finally outsold the 360 earlier this year and Sony seem to have finally shed the bad vibe from the account hacking fiasco. I think this will prove to be an excellent console war.

  3. Great show fellas! I’m glad I can add an extra podcast to my lineup! Even though I don’t venture much outside of halo, I still enjoyed the banter from other games. Look forward to future episodes!

  4. All-right guys. I’ve listened to this 4 times already. My favourite thing about it by far is learning how to correctly employ ‘mortal’. That will go down a storm in the local.

    Outside of learning northern slang this was also some of the best analysis of the current state of gaming I’ve heard in a podcast.

    Other general gaming podcasts tend to be a bit… well… up there own arse. Professional journalists are seeming more and more cynical and jaded these days and I’m frankly bored with it. Where as you guys just offer intelligent insight from the perspective of passionate enthusiasts. Your knowledge and enthusiasm really came through.

    I’m a fan. I demand MOAR!

    I’m looking forward to picking up Dishonoured soon (I saw it for £25.00 the other day!) and I’ve even been tempted by the PS3 recently (In no small part due to Journey and Ni No Kuni).

    Please get together and do another one soon!

    • Thanks for the feedback Woaf, glad we didn’t come off too douchy, as for the next episode expect to see one next week. Unless GTAV is released by surprise in which case we should have one out for October time

  5. Finally got a chance to listen, great job! I like the conversational tone, just having a chat about games

    Speaking of “freemium” games, my 4 year old recently racked up $250 on our credit card, which the dev kindly (and thankfully) refunded. Needless to say, we put a password on our tablet now!

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