Play Mobile: – Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2

Just like each go I have on this game I am keeping this short, Temple Run 2 is here and is even more addictive than the original. For the twelve of you who didn’t play the first one, basically the objective was to escape a pack of angry monkeys with a golden idol in tow by jumping and sliding passed various obstacles for as long as possible, all the while nabbing coins to boost that score even further.

Temple Run 2 is pretty much the same thing except replace the pack of monkeys with one massive monkey and instead of just jumping over one thing or sliding under another, the guys at Imangi Studios have thrown in a few other interesting game mechanics. Now you have ropes to slide down, mine carts to ride Donkey Kong style and precarious ledges to try your best to not plummet from, all of this makes TR2 much more engaging than the first game, which often felt repetitive, but now its successor has variety in bucket loads I see no end to my addiction.

Power-ups work a little differently but again the tweak is preferable, instead of waiting to just pick them up whilst running you can use a your power bar activate your ability of choice, quick tip, boost is the future. This little switch around makes it easier for noobs and people who, like me, suck at it the game to get a decent score and feel better about themselves.

Of course don’t just take my average temple run scoring ass’s word for it, since January 17th when this ruin robbing runner was released on iOS, then when the Android crowd got their hands on it a week later Temple Run 2 has been downloaded 50 million times, making it the fastest growing mobile game ever. Angry Who? I’m sure the price tag was a decider because right now its free so you best “sprint” for the app now.

(Editor: – Ugh sorry about that joke but you know if you pay peanuts you get monkeys……)

Anyway download it on The Apple App Store or Google Play or even the Amazon Appstore

-The Quim Ninja


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