New Years HD Resolutions

2012 is done and dusted and thankfully we all survived the gluttony of the holiday season and the rather lacklustre end of days. Your belts may be tighter in both the financial and bodily sense but if you have any spare cash left and want to find a paper-thin excuse to avoid hitting the gym then here are a couple of my picks of games that will keep your bank account light and your belly on the weighty side over the next three months.

Hitman HD Collection

US – 29th Jan / UK – 1st Feb

hitman blood money

Some of you may have or not have picked up Hitman Absolution back in November, the fifth in the stealth action series. For those of you who did and missed the previous titles the first time round and want to know about Agent 47`s previous exploits, or simply can’t get enough of garrotting hapless folk, then you might want to check this out. This triple pack of games contains the 2nd, 3rd and 4th installments and is all done in sparkly HD tastiness. Seems pricing is about £25 so could be pretty good value after the Christmas bank raid.

Crysis 3

US – Feb 19th / UK – Feb 22nd

crysis 3 prophet

OK so this is one game I have mentioned a couple of times in the blog (in particular see the Eurogamer post) and now with the release date just over a month away it seems appropriate to nudge your eyes toward what I think, from first hand experience, is going to be a brilliant shooter. It plays as well as Hendrix and looks better than Scarlet Johansson’s holiday pics (on PC at least, we will have to see how consoles deal with it). So if you are sick of playing that fucking dud of a title known as Black Ops 2 with the rest of the peons then try this made to measure nano suit on instead, you might like the silk lining against your skin.  If you need further persuasion click here to check out the tech trailer, its all kinds of awesome.

Tomb Raider

March 5th

tomb raider lara croft

I think this title is one to watch for two reasons. The first is pure nostalgia because I have always loved the Tomb Raider games and it has been far too long since Lara has graced our virtual stage. The second and probably most obvious one is that this latest iteration looks great, visually stunning this reboot of the franchise brings a new slant to Lara as a protagonist whilst maintaining some of the classic puzzle solving mechanics so beloved of the original titles. I personally can’t wait to get hold of this game – and the obligatory nude patch.

-The Quim Ninja


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