Play Mobile: – Osmos HD

In all my previous posts I have been a little biased toward iOS exclusive games, however having recently procured Google’s budget friendly Nexus 7 I thought I would try to even the odds a bit by reviewing a big game that puts you in very tiny shoes.

Osmos HD is quite a unique little title in which you take the role of a micro-organism or mote, your goal is simple, become bigger than the other floaty lifeforms by absorbing the smaller ones and avoiding the bigger beasts until you are large enough to suck them up too.

The game-play itself is as simple as the mote you control with a straight-forward, intuitive user interface and colour schemes that make it easy for even the most amoebic of organisms to figure out how to play.

The degree of difficulty through the odyssey mode is intermediate after the first tutorial stage introducing you to the various other types of nasty and how to handle it in a very gentle easy to pick up manner. Then once the game is sure you have got a handle on what is required it throws a couple of really tough levels in at the end of each chapter, which in my opinion can pose a bit of problem at times, in fact the very last level on the last chapter I was stuck on for some time and in fact I only completed it via bit of a fluke. If you do get stuck though you can skip a level at any time, but what is the fun in that, plus with each chapter that you complete unlocks new levels in the arcade section. It took me a few hours to complete the ‘story’ mode and found it to be moderately challenging, the arcade it more of the same and is keeping my suitably hypnotized.

Not only is the game-play hypnotic but the music further adds to that feeling and is so well suited to the way the game behaves. Where possible do what it suggests and wear headphones and you will soon find yourself lost in a microscopic world. Another layer to this game which I think is probably my favourite part is the clever way you can speed up and slow down time in order to help you either dodge a sticky end or expedite the demise of a smaller mote. What I like in particular is the way the music drops or picks up in tempo as you perform this cool little trick and sounds as if its meant to be played at that speed. Very Clever.

So for anyone who has a tablet and is looking for a game that is not only challenging but weirdly relaxing this one is bound to absorb a lot of your time. The game is available for Android devices via the Google Play Store and iOS devices via the App Store for £1.99/$2.99 if you are a yank or a limey respectively, it also can be found on the PC with a much wider selection of levels for no more than $10 but can be found a lot cheaper if you shop around.

If you have played Osmos or if you got the game because of this roundup and want to share your thoughts please do in the comments below, also check out the other mobile titles we have recommended by clicking here or the pressing on the ‘Play Mobile’ tab at the top of the page. Thanks.

-The Quim Ninja


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