One to Watch – Environmental Station Alpha

Since the dawn of the original Xbox I have spent most of my gaming life buried in one triple A title or another, however when Minecraft exploded in popularity the indie game scene was suddenly thrust into my sphere of awareness, since then I have been looking more to this arena for cool things to play and this one up and comer that caught my eye.

Environmental Station Alpha is made by two gentleman known as Arvi “Hempuli” Teikari and Roope “noby” Makinen and from the trailer seems right up my street. Set on a malfunctioning space station you play a robot sent to find out what hit the fan. Immediately what piqued my interest was the pixel art style, to some it may appear a little rough around the edges compared to some other bigger indie platformer’s, but the rugged variation in each level really gives the feel of a diverse range of environments that have all grown out of control, making that whole abandoned feel the creators are going for all the more authentic. When combined with the music this point is really hammered home, to me it accentuates the feel that the whole station is a world unexplored and perhaps it should be left that way. By the developers own admission the gameplay is heavily inspired by Metroid which is certainly a good thing, anything that emulates such a classic is fine in my book and makes me all the more eager to have a go when it is released.

Anyway let me know what you think once you’ve had a look at the trailer below. Also go check out Hempuli’s blog and see what else he has been up to.


3 thoughts on “One to Watch – Environmental Station Alpha

  1. I love indie games. If you can grab an evening with a fellow Sci-Fi nut I highly recommend Spending an evening playing Flotilla. It’s like NOTHING I’ve ever played. Tough to get you head round at first but when you do… it blows the mind. Also it has Rastafarian Space Cat Pirates in it.

    Then Play “I Made A Game With Zombies In It”. Then play Dead Pixel. And Zombies Ruined my day.

    Thank you.



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