I was digging through my photo stream the other day when I noticed a few snaps I had taken from the EuroGamer Expo. Then I remembered our resident TBoD photographer only known as Spacca Attacker also captured some characters that were at the event as well as some moments apres-games. Here are a few choice images for your viewing pleasure/disgust.

Creepy Covert Photography.


Rrrrrgh Gaaaaammmesssss rrrrrggggh

Teabag or Tequila?

My snake went solid for this fella

This guy wasn’t even at the expo, just saw him in the street…no, seriously

Where dreams are played

Dr Who? never heard of him...

This badge got you into any toilet in the whole building

these tubes go faaaaasssst!!!

Reppin’ the Yogscizzle, this guy got all the bitches.

Immediately after this snap he tried to knock my block off

Chief and his ‘Handler’ (person to guide because he can’t see shit)

Once More Unto The Breach


4 thoughts on “Cos-Playaz

  1. Anything you want. That’s the beauty of CosPlay. We should’ve taken lots more photos but we were too busy gawping at all the amazing games and cosplayers on show.

  2. Those chief photos irk me to no end because the visor is a critical detail, and there are fan made helmets left and right that have transparent reflective dual layer visors…there are tutorials for it all over He clearly had so much work put into his suit, to skimp on the visor is like tripping at the finish line.

    • Yeah man. Plus this guy was actually the official 343i mascot at the show so they could’ve at least got that right. Only thing I van thin of is that he was too short to see out of the visor….

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