Get Your Rat Out

As you may have read in our last post eremenko has gone the awesome route and bought Dishonored, I have gone for the slightly less awesome and certainly cheaper option of getting the Dishonored Rat Assassin App for iOS. If you give rat’s arse *ahem* then read on.

This little slice of the full game is just as polished its triple A titled older brother, on the shiny scale its definitely towards the sparkly end. Not that you should expect any less since the app was made by Bethesda themselves whose work speaks for itself in the looks department. For those of you who have played the insanely popular Fruit Ninja then the premise will be fairly familiar, in Fruit Ninja the objective is to slice various portions of your 5-a-day by swiping your finger across the screen as a blade. Rat Assassin puts a macabre twist on things and instead hurls squealing rodents in front of you to split clean in two. For those of you with a fondness for all of Mother Nature’s creations you might want to give this one a miss.

The app presents you with a couple of different modes in which to butcher rodents in, in the timed mode you have cut through as many as possible, in challenge mode the object is to not hit the bombs and score a certain amount of points and the assassination mode is pretty similar but the rats are lobbed up with bombs and you have to murder the vermin without letting any fall from view. To keep you interested there are a multitude of unlockables from new blades and backgrounds to music and, if you get sick of the squeaks of pain, objects to mutilate. Most of these are gained as you progress but some also become available through fairly simple means such as tweeting your score.

Powerups are  available in-game as well to spice things up, my favourite being this bomb blade thing that when fully powered will kill all the sewer dwellers on-screen when you slice just a single rat.

All in all its a solid little title to help fritter away any spare moments you might have, but for the love of P.E.T.A don’t try to recreate this in real life, rat guts are a nightmare to get out a cream carpet.. err so I hear…

Oh and the icing on the cake here is the price, it costs nothing so if you want to do your bit and rid Dunwall of its infestation then just click this link and away you go.

-MS Dosser


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