The DayZ after Tomorrow

Having survived a while with the supplies gifted to me in by the strange rescue party that had helped me out of Chenarus on my second attempt at survival in the wastes it was soon obvious that I was going to have to venture back into the villages once inhabited by the friendly Chenarian people. Now teaming with nightmarish undead.

zombies in the mist

I stopped at a gas station just outside of a small township thinking that I may be able to re-fill my Jerry can to lengthen the lifespan of my already run down motorcycle. The bike had day z petrol stationalready gotten me out of several sticky situations and I was wary of my ever decreasing fuel supply. Pulling onto the forecourt in the dwindling sunlight everything appeared to be clear. Turning off the engine and jumping off the bike I hurried over to the pumps. Nothing, they were empty most likely drained by another survivor who had already passed this way, perhaps it was Merc and his rag-tag bunch of bandits turned temporary heroes. I wasn’t ready to meet up with them again just yet. I turned away from the pumps and headed into the kiosk, hoping to find some food or drink to bolster my waning supplies but there was nothing there either, whoever had scavenged this place had been thorough. I left the small shop heading back to my bike but a Zed blocked my path, my newly aquired AK-47 tore straight through him and sent him straight to the ground, not a wise idea two, three, four then five more of his companions appeared from the surrounding hedges, trees and from behind the cars and buildings in the distance further blocking my route to the bike, I ran cursing myself for not leaving the bike running to allow for an easy escape. As I back peddled up the road I loosed a few more rounds from my rifle, taking down more deadites but alerting more and more with every shot, soon there was a mob chasing me. I clambered over the siding on the edge of the road and started to double back on myself hoping that I could get back to my transport and get away before the shambling horde caught up to me. Rounding the kiosk once more, hope looked lost. A moving corpse standing right by my bike, I had no choice but to try my luck. Gently squeezing the trigger on my Russian Army standard issue AK *blam blam* I felled him quickly and clinically. Sprinting for my bike another walker lurched from behind the pumps moving toward me with alarming speed I pulled the trigger again *click* my clip was empty, Merc and co had been stingy with the ammo. Quickly I leapt onto my trusty motorcycle and pumped the kickstarter the engine bursting into life. Looking back as I sped away across the fields I could see a crowd of roughly fifteen Zed’s frivolously stumbling after me.

day z motorcycle

Having exhausted my ammunition on such an ill-fated affair I had no wish to return to populated areas for a while and instead focussed my attentions on the barns, farmhouses and hunting stands that littered the countryside. The flaw in this decision should have been pretty obvious to me the sun was setting and it was about to get dark, very dark. I followed a dirt track that went up into the mountains as far as I could hoping that I might reach a lodge or shack that I could hole up in before night came and the fear returned.

Darkness fell quickly. Alone on the mountaintop my fuel ran out a short while ago and I have seen no sign of shelter. A track weaves down through the trees but my quick torch bursts reveal little else I’m afraid that keeping it on may attract unwanted attention. I fling a few flares around the surrounding area and hunker down for a cold night spent hiding in the foliage.

a dark forest scene

As you can probably tell I’m really enjoying my time in DayZ although it has to be said that the fear factor involved keeps me from playing marathon style like I can with Halo or Skyrim and I do find myself becoming frustrated by many aspects of the game. It can be irritating to creep all the way up to a building only to find it completely inaccessible for instance and it’s very easy to loose your bearings while fleeing for your life. Of course the game is not going to be perfect mod’s rarely are after all the engine wasn’t built specifically for that which it is being used. All said and done this game is a really exciting prospect that has many console gamers green with envy but that olive tint may not last long. DayZ has been given the opportunity to release as a standalone game entirely separate from Bohemia Interactive‘s Arma series and this has sparked a fever among Xbox 360 and PS3 owners alike in the vain hopes that this may mean a console release. Meanwhile a bunch of quick thinking folk over at Hammerpoint interactive  have been quietly working away on a similar title of their own. The War Z boasts the claim of being the worlds first Zombie MMO ….. lies aside it looks excellent, combine DayZ gameplay with the guns of Call of Duty add a sprinkling of Battlefield 3 graphics, zombies straight out of Left 4 Dead and an interface that looks very much as if it was designed to run on a console  and you’re gonna leave a-lot of jaws on the floor.

Let me know if you think The War Z looks like a DayZ rip or does it stand up as a game in it’s own right? Why has it taken so long for a game like this to be released? Would it be a success on consoles? Comments always appreciated.

see you in the Zedpocolypse.



9 thoughts on “The DayZ after Tomorrow

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  2. I love zombies. Always have, always will. I have read countless books, watched days worth of movies, and played weeks of games. The books are AMAZING! (at least they can be). You fall in love with the characters, the story grips you, the surroundings are well thought out. You feel like you’re there… like you’re alone; empty gun, no food, cold, starving, unable to sleep because nowere is safe. The movies can be hit and miss. And the games mostly focuse on guns Guns and more GUNS!!! BOOM HEADSHOT! You feel like an unstopable beast slaying countless undead weaklings… but could you realy do that? Would you realy find an AR-15 rifle with over 400 rounds lying on a table in some backyard?… No. No you would not. Could you run full-sprint down a road for a long time? Maby. But could you if you haven’t slept in 48 hours? Haven’t eaten in days, and you tounge is drier then James Bond’s martini?
    A zombie MMORPG could bring all the things I love about zombie books into a game. You ARE alone; empty gun, no food, cold, starving, unable to sleep etc.
    It all depends on how its made. I have yet to play DayZ, but it looks like exactly what I would want in a zombie MMORPG.

    You have done a great job writing these. Love how you make it feel like a book:) Good job.

    • Thanks man, that means a lot coming from a zombie novel expert. You have to play DayZ, judging from what you say here it covers all your most loved aspects (except for sleeping and fatigue) it really is the most realistic zompocolyps sim out there (this opinion may change after I blast some “the war z” this weekend). I’ve not read any actual zombie books, just the walking dead comics and max brooks’ Zombie survival guide maybe you could give me some recommendations?

      • Don’t think I’m an expert, just a guy with too much free time. But, thank you:)
        I plan on buying a good PC in the near future, and allowing DayZ to bite some chunks out of the flesh of my day. I’ll also have to look into “The War Z”, I haven’t heard anything about it.
        *Books I thoroughly enjoyed*
        -Joe McKinney: (Dead World series)
        1. “Dead City”
        2. “Apocalypse of the Dead”
        3. “Flesh Eaters”
        4. “Mutated”

        -Ben Tripp:
        “Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller”

        And if you liked Max Brooks’ Survival guide, you might enjoy “World War Z” (Also by Max Brooks) I’ve heard WWZ is also going to be a big movie in 2013. but. I’ve also heard of many problems along the way:(

      • As it happens I just bought the war z, ill be putting up my first impressions of it up next week before my life is consumed by halo 4, played a little but not enough to comment just yet. Ill link you with the post once it’s up.

      • I love the Zombie Survival Guide and I keep meaning to pick up WWZ just never really had the chance…. too busy gaming. But I will defo check some of those out cheers.

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