Perfect Cell Reception

Thought to keep this post relatively short because 1) No one likes rambling in a review and 2) I have spent far too much time being pleased with myself over the title of this post. It’s dark now. Anyway since my last post on mobile games I have moved on from both Blockado Desert in which I made a pitiful attempt and ultimately got stuck somewhere in World 2 and Robot Unicorn Attack which I pretty much rage quit for the same reason. My new flavour of the month plays easier and unlike Robot Unicorn Attack actually has an end and because of this I bought this nice little title.

Perfect Cell on iOS £1.99/$299

Perfect Cell

What initially grabbed me about this game was its premise. A meteor crashes to earth and a secret team of scientists are sent to investigate and what they discover is a microscopic alien organism. So they squirrel it away in some super top-secret base under water and the life form turns out to be a total dick to any other living thing it encounters and begins to grow and eventually busts out of containment. This is where the you pick up the controls….as the Perfect Cell.

Looking like a cross between a squid and a bouncy ball your goal is to escape the clutches of your captors by evading lasers, solving puzzles and destroying every puny human you come across. The levels are as linear as they come so there is only way through them, but the well honed difficulty level presents you with increasingly moreThe professor never did like calamari challenging obstacles for you to glide and dash past. I don’t mean to go on about it (I do really) but personally I’ve found the steady ramp up of difficulty throughout my play time so far pretty much spot on. The tutorial pop ups are ‘at-a-glance’ simple and easy to digest delivering just enough information so you can get to grips with playing the game very quickly.

So how does it scrub up in the sparkly department? On my iPhone 4 the HD graphics are  pretty tasty looking and I imagine it can only get better on an iPad. The loud colour of your organism is a stark contrast to the moody kind of 80’s industrial lab environments you find yourself in. The whole presentation is quite old school sprite’esque all wrapped in shiny HD polythene, very palatable on the old eye holes. My one gripe would be that in the game description it states you will travel “across 5 different worlds”, I have currently just finished the 3rd world and the total number of “worlds”  I have encountered is precisely 1. I am certain I will see daylight eventually but just not nearly enough of it.

"on the head son.."On the plus side though each level takes between 5 and 10 minutes to slither through as the difficulty increases, so with 35 levels in total it gives you more than a couple of hours worth of play, which if you think about it is quite some time given that most people will pick up and play one or two levels at time. That and the fact your cell unlocks some pretty awesome abilities (no spoilers) as you progress which become more vital to your continued success, again adding to the feeling of how well paced the learning curve of this game is.

For those who are wanting a bit of replay value the developers recently brought out an update containing some extra colour skins for your extra terrestrial that only unlock once you have killed all the humans and collected all the hidden prisms, which are either hard to spot or I suck at spotting secrets. I personally would like to say a little from column A and column B but in my heart I know its 92% of the latter. Given the price tag on it I would expect a new batch of levels to be released at some stage too.

Overall this has definitely got enough quality to keep you coming back for more when you have a spare few minutes. So if you are sick of drawing the same 13 ‘somethings’ for your friends over and over give this a shake.

P.S. Kill the Humans.

-MS Dosser


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