Number of the Beast

Resident Evil 6 … 66

Those of you who bought the awesome Dragons Dogma may have already played the early access Resident Evil 6 demo but I have been caught up punching dirt in Minecraft and have therefore neglected my poor little consoles. I have been watching with excitement all the footage that Capcom have been releasing for the forthcoming sixth genuine installment of one of the finest game series of all time. Today I finally got around to reuniting myself with Leon, Chris and the gang in said demo.

It might be a good idea to not get in a lift with this girl …. just saying.

The demo actually gives you access to three of the games campaigns, in which you get to play out part of the story for Leon, Chris and Jake’s individual adventures, each seems to offer a slightly different variation of Resi action. I dove straight into Leon’s campaign and I have to say I was very pleased with what I experienced. The setting, enemies and action were all so familiar to me as a fan of the series. A more urban Gothic setting than that on show in the fourth and fifth installments I was made to feel instantly at home in the dark scary hallways of the college. Immediately feeling like I was playing an old school Resident Evil title by the eerie chiming of a nearby grandfather clock and reminded soon enough that this game is all about atmosphere and terror …oh and Zombies. That’s right the old Zed heads are back replete with grey rotting flesh and drooling, groaning mouths. In a nod to the earlier games Leon even advises his new partner to aim for the head a nice touch for those of us who have gone through hell and come out alive more than once with former Raccoon City rookie cop Leon.S.Kennedy.

chris redfield bsaa id card

Even VG characters take bad ID pics

Onto the old stalwart. Chris Redfield star of the original Resi has gone rogue and turned into your typical Hollywood good cop gone wrong cliche. Drinking in some eastern European vodka bar, Chris has hit rock bottom but it isn’t long before some BSAA agents show up and quickly re-recruit our ageing hero. You’re thrown straight into the action in the middle of a gun fight with some kind of terrorists. It quickly becomes obvious that these terrorists are actually Los Plagos infectees (the much criticised new enemies from the fourth and fifth Resi games). I wasn’t the biggest advocate of these guys in the newer titles and I doubt this will be my favourite of the new campaigns. It seems like Capcom are trying to muscle their way into the shooter market with this and if the lackluster Operation Raccoon City is anything to go by the return of the beloved series hero wont be the strongest piece of the new titles jigsaw.

tyrant giant arm

Er mate … you might wanna see a doctor

Fighting your way through hordes of machine gun wielding, mask wearing enemies is not easy with the games poor view-point (something which will hopefully be remedied in the finished product) and you will often find yourself wondering where you are being shot from. The saving grace here looks to be the mutations of said enemies who grow extra limbs, heads and in some cases wings, much like in Resi 4 and 5, offering much-needed relief from the run and gun nature of this beast.

How are you still alive … seriously its mental

Finally Jake’s campaign. Accompanied by the return of Sherry Birkin, last seen as an annoying brat (with an unbelievable knack for survival) in Resi 2, Jake is a mercenary employed by Sherry for some unknown reason. Heavily Rumored to be Hunk (one of the secret characters from the same game) Jake and Sherry are pitted against some kind of enhanced biological weapon behemoth akin to the third installments Nemesis. It features some classic explosive barrel mechanics and seems like it will be a solid if somewhat repetitive addition to our main hero’s struggles.

Look into my eyes

There is also set to be a reunion of sorts for Leon and his anti-hero love interest Ada Wong a fan favourite who offers a more athletic style of play. Something of an enigma Ada uses her ninja like abilities to kick, punch and grapple her way through the undead minions rather than just blasting and bludgeoning them to death.

ada wong with a cross bow

Everyone loves a bad girl

One thing I that irks me about new gen Resi games is the focus on co-op. It is so much more difficult to create that sense of fear and isolation when you are always accompanied by a friend or an idiotic AI. Yes multiplayer games are fun but I fear IP’s such as this lose alot of the atmosphere by adding this dimension. It may not have the epic open world of Cherno from DayZ at times you feel as if you are being pushed down a pre determined pathway and that lack of freedom can be frustrating at times but the hopefully the game will more than make up for this in narrative and puzzles. All in all this looks like a pretty exciting title and with an October 2nd release just around the corner expect to spend most of Halloween month fighting the forces of evil just like Bruce Campbell would’ve wanted.

the evil dead

– Elth Out


5 thoughts on “Number of the Beast

  1. Hey mate, good review – got a question if I may. I played Resi 1 & 2 but haven’t 3,4,5 does this matter as far as storyline goes or can I just pick us Resi 6 when it’s out and go with the flow?

  2. Well mate it’s a totally different beast now. So the transition may not be easy. I would recommend playing 4 (there’s a great version on Wii) but you can pretty much skip 5 for sure. Thanks for commenting always appreciated.

  3. I think co-op in a horror game is a bad idea. I wouldn’t want anyone to see/hear me scream/pee myself while playing.

    I don’t do horror well at all.

    I tried it when I went through my phase of scare yourself stupid for a few months. Yeah. Still paying for that.

    It looks like if you can handle horror the game would be good though.

    And I hate that you almost made me want to play it, despite what I know horror does to me .

    • It’s not always a bad idea. If you’re playing through it with a friend it can be a lot of fun the main problems come from just how stupid your companions become when someone isn’t controlling them. They literally love to stand in dangers way the Muppets. If you want a coop horror experience (which I know you dont) ‘obscure’ on the ps2 was brilliant fun. Thanks for the comment ott always appreciated.

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