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Apologies for the awful pun

gamescom 2012 playstation cologne

With Dosser covering PAX and our upcoming visit to the EuroGamer expo just around the corner I decide to belatedly blabber about the Gamescom footage I took time out to watch. Starting with the Sony conference.

I want to point out I love my PS3 there are some amazing titles including some of the most beautifully rendered well manufactured games but this years conference wasn’t about them it was all about Innovation!

Seriously how many times/ways did the boys at Sony want to tell us how their new IP‘s are going to be compelling and vivid? Quite the list of titles on display this year chaps but are we really supposed to believe that this is all so new? Ninty started the motion control fad with the release of the Wii in 2006 yes the PS3 has better graphics, yes some of the titles look really impressive but Sony are selling Move like it’s a new idea.

The big Move title that Sony were pushing at this years convention in Cologne was Wonderbook an interactive story book with various upcoming titles including Book of Spells based in the Harry Potter universe and penned by J.K Rowling. Now I’m not particularly a HP fan but I can’t bring myself to dislike an idea that gets the world reading, this however looks to be something of a cash cow. The games graphics look childish at best, the Augmented Reality using the Move‘s camera to place an image of yourself in-game looks awful alongside the colourful rounded sprites in the game, perhaps it is because so far it’s only a development build but what we have here is clearly a game aimed at children. It’s all well and good aiming games at children but let’s not pretend that this technology is revolutionary. The Eyetoy was released in 2003 and the Move camera seems to use exactly the same principle. Rather than mapping your motions onto a character model ala Kinect you are placed straight into the game with a video image of yourself, which in the absence of photo realistic graphics has always looked a little lame. Sony however are persevering with this method without taxing the hardware to any real degree.

Don’t get me wrong the Sony press conference did touch on some really great looking games but the IP’s they focussed on all seemed to be kids games or Nintendo rip offs the aforementioned Book of Spells along with Little Big Planet Karting and new Sly/Ratchet and Clank games all seem to be un-inspirational and derivative. The more impressive looking hardcore gaming titles like Dust 514, Until Dawn, Rain, Last of Us and Beyond seemed to fall to the wayside in favour of the more family orientated games far too focused on challenging Nintendo’s motion control successBanging on about the fact that these games are “only possible with Move” just reeks of denial, hello Sony, Wii? Kinect? There’s no need to patronize people with this we know what else is out there you should spend more time showing us why you are so special, just what it is that has made the PlayStation brand so popular that the PS1 sold enough units in the UK for each household to own at least two.

Vita was one of the big hitters in the Sony Keynote and with good reason this really is revolutionary. A system which combines so many different methods of control and so much compatibility back and forth between your handheld and your static console is genius. Nintendo performed a similar feat to a lesser extent with the GameCube/Gameboy advance title Crystal Chronicles but Media molecule seem to be taking things a step further with the Little Big Planet 2 dlc and new IP TearAway.

An interesting looking new title TearAway promises massive new interactivity between your game world and the real world and it really looks like a game worth purchasing a Vita to play. On the surface it looks like a 3D version of sackboy’s incredibly popular adventure but the abilities of the Vita look to be bringing something actually innovative. Using your fingers on the track pad and placing textures and images into the game with the Vita’s built-in camera are just a couple of the exciting ideas. Tilting the console to activate the accelerometers might not be the most revolutionary but it’s inciting to see what Mm will do with it. Combine these exciting new titles with PlayStations new Cross Buy idea that allows you to own a title for both your PS3 and your Vita with just one set price and maybe just maybe we are looking at something that will be both compelling and vivid.

All in all Sony have some exciting new stuff on show but they really need to put a stop to pushing re-hash titles as exciting and new. Sorry Sony it’s not innovation if you just copy Nintendo.

Come here you lanky long-haired Geordie you.

Oh and Fifa 13 was on show “Blah blah blah biggest changes to the series so far, blah blah, it’s more real than ever, blah blah additional generic we release a new title every year purlease buy it comment here” I bet the damn thing still beats you whenever it feels like it. Who am I kidding I’ll most likely be playing this come Christmas day.

For me Capcom dominated the show with Resi 6 and Remember Me but more on that later.

– Elth out


5 thoughts on “Game Scone

  1. Unfortunately Sony seem to be focusing on the younger market, which is fine, as long as the profits are used for other, more mature titles. Or alternatively, just give it to NaughtyDog? See you at the Eurogamer expo.

    • Thanks for dropping by man. I had a feeling talking about Sony might incite a comment out of you. I’m glad my post didn’t upset you and that you seem to agree that Sony are playing a strange game right now. I look forward to seeing you at Eurogamer, I’ll be the guy in the Moa Burger tee drooling over Halo 4 along with Dosser, Woaf n’ Tom from Dust and Echos and Flawless Cowboy from LittleEnglishHaloblog. I’ll peel away to check out some ps3 stuff away from judging eyes.

  2. At least you admit you’ll play it 😉 some may hide the idea and hold up in a dark room, blinds down and have everyone convinced they’re doing something else. Like hardcore drugs.

    • Hardcore drugs? I wish that’s what it was. FIFA is a game I hate to love. I really want to be a pro evo boy and always was in the past but no matter how many times it beats me and leaves me lying in a pool of my own frustrated tears I keep coming back to FIFA just like a Ho to her meth dealing pimp.

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