Die Card with a Vengeance

Greetings Teabaggers,

Firstly a quick apology that there is no proper post for your viewing indifference today, due to other commitments (in my case getting roaring drunk and singing Karaoke as loudly as I was out of tune on the Saturday and my subsequent fragility on Sunday) we were unable to bring you a proper post so I thought I would show you this instead.

With the Eurogamer Expo fast approaching we have been preparing to have some serious fun, but not to miss a trick we thought it might be nice to be able to promo our blog at the same time. It was a bit of a faff on getting these printed which I wont go into here but I am really happy with the final product. The design process itself went without a hitch and was done by our talented friends over at Me and Alan (one of which was responsible for my aforementioned fragility being his birthday and all) and despite the reality I think these cards will make us seem like we might be pro’s.

Here are a couple of photo’s of our shiny new promo cards that hopefully will help expand our readership. Let us know if you like the look of them.


Get yer tackle out

I’d like to start with a confession: I’m not what you would call a “good” gamer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at games, I mean I have the odd flash of genius amongst the marginally-better-than-mediocre norm, it’s just that I have my own style of gaming.

I don’t really follow the big franchises like Halo, Assassin’s Creed etc. or get excited for the latest releases. I don’t research updates and new DLC. I don’t look at my stats on things like Halo Waypoint and the EA Gunclub. And although I’ve played pretty much all of the “big games”, I mostly dip in and out depending on my mood and how bored I am.

All this being said, I would class myself as a gamer and I play a lot of games.

Now that’s out of the way, I’d like to talk to you about a game which has taken up much of my time recently, New Star Soccer.

I play on my Android-powered HTC Desire HD and can comfortably say that this is not only the best game I’ve played on my phone, but one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played full stop (period for any American viewers).

Harking back to the days of Sensible Soccer and similar to the already popular Jumpers for Goalposts, NSS is a combination of text and action sequences where you control your player from the very beginnings of their career.

Starting out as a precocious 16 year old, you complete a series of trials which serve the dual purpose of showing you the basics of the game whilst maintaining a more realistic beginning for a young footballer. After the trials you embark on your quest for world domination and enslavement of the proletariat!  um sorry about that, *cough* footballing deity, by playing games (obviously) and buying stuff.

The gameplay is fun and involving without being exclusive through difficulty, and the extra detail in the home screens are informative without being superfluous, insightful to the very border of nerdy, and fun enough to keep you playing, even when between games.

New Star Soccer

My current life section

In the ‘Life’ section (shown above), you can buy almost anything any self-respecting footballer would want including stables, luxury jets, even a castle. You can also visit the casino where you can play blackjack, roulette, and slots, as well as buy, train, and bet on horses. Also within this section is an ‘Awards’ tab showing an extensive list of achievements.

My career stats

The stats for my player

All in all, I can’t see an end to me playing this game (barring any serious new update cock-ups of course), and whilst I hesitate to use the uninspired “addicted” tag, this beguiling game will keep you playing way past the shelf-life of most others.







Quakin’ in my boots.

When we wrote our Random Access Memory Lane series it sparked a lot of conversation between us and our friends both on the internet and IRL. The main thing we learnt from these conversations and even admit in the earlier posts is there are so many games we missed. So when we decided to bring the retro back the first game that sprung into my polygon obsessed mind was arguably the daddy of the 3D shooter. Quake.

Quake Box Art

For those of you who haven’t played Quake you really should. Any real FPS lover worth their salt should experience this game as the team at id Software brought a lot of seminal additions to the table with this one and as a result were instrumental in the evolution of the shooter genre. For example some of its weapons such as the Nail Gun or the Thunderbolt are iconic and I believe it’s the first instance of rocket jumping. The shooter genre wasn’t the only thing that Quake contributed to, it is also credited with being the godfather of Machinima.

When I think of Quake I always get a little scared. Looking back it used to freak me the fuck out a little and when I fired this up the other day via DosBox the memories came flooding back. The bit I speak of is the level difficulty screen which presents you with a couple of different portals and next to hard difficulty just where the lava is there are some still twitching mutilated bodies attached to the wall by meat-hooks moaning in agony. Now I am not a squeamish person I can happily watch horror films of the grossest variety usually cheering for the psycho. I think what shocked me a little was the fact that unlike a film where it shows you a finite amount of grossness, this grisly scene is ever-present. Coupled with the fact that this was the first time I had ever really encountered this level of gore in a game the image kind of stuck.

Quake didn’t not only did horror though, it uniquely blended elements of dark fantasy and sci-fi and even based the end boss on some horrible looking, obscure (to me at least) deity known

God knows what goes in his sausages

as Shub-Niggurath. As you navigate around the various levels you notice the inspirations from the various genres, crossing medieval drawbridges that are activated by futuristic buttons and hunting for keys and runes whilst slaying Doberman’s, insane knights and what look like unhygienic butchers. It’s a kind of weird mix but oddly it works pretty well even now, although I may have a rather flowery shade of lens in my specs.

Probably one of my favourite power-ups to be found in any game is nestled in this digital creation and it’s sequels. Quad Damage just makes you feel powerful, from the moment you pick it up and here that famous sound and every hideously overpowered shot you make thereafter. I think the best thing about it was it never lasted that long so it caused you to scramble through the level to cause as much blood spattered carnage as you could before it faded.

Quad Damage was equally devastating in the spectacular multiplayer mode that Quake provided, which brings me back to the first thoughts I have when I visualise the game. It takes me back to being thirteen again and my dad taking me to this computer shop in town where we got our first PC. It had a beast of a Pentium 166Mhz and a mammoth 16MB of RAM, utter dog shit by today’s standard but such an impressive piece of wizardry back in the mid nineties. Anyway my dad took me along to this shop probably to buy some floppy disks or something and the guys who worked there clocked my interest in the games they had there and asked if I wanted to play some Quake with them, having no idea what Quake was I acted as cool as a thirteen year old can said ‘sure’. So with my dads permission and this next bit sounds a lot more sinister than it was this random guy took me upstairs. What I was presented with was a bunch of PC’s hooked up on what I know now was a LAN and at a few of the computers were a few guys (all clothed, mostly spectacled and/or bearded) immersed in shooting each other and calling each other all kinds of rude names. I was invited to hop on a nearby station whereby I got suitably pwned (no mercy for the kid). I learned a lot from that skirmish, I witnessed some fine smack talk first hand, played on my first LAN and was introduced to true nerd culture for the very first time. Games I realised weren’t just made for kids but had a whole following in the adult world previously unknown to me. Quake didn’t just provide me with hours of fun in a game whose quality has rarely been matched since but also provided me with a peak into a culture that I proudly count myself part of now as a big boy.

If you would like to get all nostalgic and play Quake again, or try it out for the first time download all the stuff from the links below. It’s a bit of a fiddle to get it working but be patient.

Download DosBox – needed to run Quake

Download Quake from here I think this one is shareware, you might be able to find the full game somewhere else.

Tutorials for DosBox found here and here

-MS Dosser

Do you also hold Quake dear? What did you like about it? Or have you never played it? Let us know in the comments and as usual like/comment/subscribe. Thanks for reading.

The DayZ after Tomorrow

Having survived a while with the supplies gifted to me in by the strange rescue party that had helped me out of Chenarus on my second attempt at survival in the wastes it was soon obvious that I was going to have to venture back into the villages once inhabited by the friendly Chenarian people. Now teaming with nightmarish undead.

zombies in the mist

I stopped at a gas station just outside of a small township thinking that I may be able to re-fill my Jerry can to lengthen the lifespan of my already run down motorcycle. The bike had day z petrol stationalready gotten me out of several sticky situations and I was wary of my ever decreasing fuel supply. Pulling onto the forecourt in the dwindling sunlight everything appeared to be clear. Turning off the engine and jumping off the bike I hurried over to the pumps. Nothing, they were empty most likely drained by another survivor who had already passed this way, perhaps it was Merc and his rag-tag bunch of bandits turned temporary heroes. I wasn’t ready to meet up with them again just yet. I turned away from the pumps and headed into the kiosk, hoping to find some food or drink to bolster my waning supplies but there was nothing there either, whoever had scavenged this place had been thorough. I left the small shop heading back to my bike but a Zed blocked my path, my newly aquired AK-47 tore straight through him and sent him straight to the ground, not a wise idea two, three, four then five more of his companions appeared from the surrounding hedges, trees and from behind the cars and buildings in the distance further blocking my route to the bike, I ran cursing myself for not leaving the bike running to allow for an easy escape. As I back peddled up the road I loosed a few more rounds from my rifle, taking down more deadites but alerting more and more with every shot, soon there was a mob chasing me. I clambered over the siding on the edge of the road and started to double back on myself hoping that I could get back to my transport and get away before the shambling horde caught up to me. Rounding the kiosk once more, hope looked lost. A moving corpse standing right by my bike, I had no choice but to try my luck. Gently squeezing the trigger on my Russian Army standard issue AK *blam blam* I felled him quickly and clinically. Sprinting for my bike another walker lurched from behind the pumps moving toward me with alarming speed I pulled the trigger again *click* my clip was empty, Merc and co had been stingy with the ammo. Quickly I leapt onto my trusty motorcycle and pumped the kickstarter the engine bursting into life. Looking back as I sped away across the fields I could see a crowd of roughly fifteen Zed’s frivolously stumbling after me.

day z motorcycle

Having exhausted my ammunition on such an ill-fated affair I had no wish to return to populated areas for a while and instead focussed my attentions on the barns, farmhouses and hunting stands that littered the countryside. The flaw in this decision should have been pretty obvious to me the sun was setting and it was about to get dark, very dark. I followed a dirt track that went up into the mountains as far as I could hoping that I might reach a lodge or shack that I could hole up in before night came and the fear returned.

Darkness fell quickly. Alone on the mountaintop my fuel ran out a short while ago and I have seen no sign of shelter. A track weaves down through the trees but my quick torch bursts reveal little else I’m afraid that keeping it on may attract unwanted attention. I fling a few flares around the surrounding area and hunker down for a cold night spent hiding in the foliage.

a dark forest scene

As you can probably tell I’m really enjoying my time in DayZ although it has to be said that the fear factor involved keeps me from playing marathon style like I can with Halo or Skyrim and I do find myself becoming frustrated by many aspects of the game. It can be irritating to creep all the way up to a building only to find it completely inaccessible for instance and it’s very easy to loose your bearings while fleeing for your life. Of course the game is not going to be perfect mod’s rarely are after all the engine wasn’t built specifically for that which it is being used. All said and done this game is a really exciting prospect that has many console gamers green with envy but that olive tint may not last long. DayZ has been given the opportunity to release as a standalone game entirely separate from Bohemia Interactive‘s Arma series and this has sparked a fever among Xbox 360 and PS3 owners alike in the vain hopes that this may mean a console release. Meanwhile a bunch of quick thinking folk over at Hammerpoint interactive  have been quietly working away on a similar title of their own. The War Z boasts the claim of being the worlds first Zombie MMO ….. lies aside it looks excellent, combine DayZ gameplay with the guns of Call of Duty add a sprinkling of Battlefield 3 graphics, zombies straight out of Left 4 Dead and an interface that looks very much as if it was designed to run on a console  and you’re gonna leave a-lot of jaws on the floor.

Let me know if you think The War Z looks like a DayZ rip or does it stand up as a game in it’s own right? Why has it taken so long for a game like this to be released? Would it be a success on consoles? Comments always appreciated.

see you in the Zedpocolypse.


Three and a half inches of fury

To all of you who follow us @TeaBagOrDie on Twitter you will know this already, to those who don’t we are excited to welcome some awesome new writers to the TBoD team. You will get to meet the others over the coming weeks but to kick things off we have a post by the multi-talented Salmonfin. I would link to a little bio about our aquarius blogger but he is getting up to some water-sports in Ibiza as we speak and didn’t have chance to send me one so he will have to remain an enigma for now. Anyway read/comment/subscribe/cheers. -MS Dosser

Its true what they say you know; it’s not the size of the screen that counts, it’s the way you use it. Or did I hear that wrong? Anyway, the rather astute developers at Lake Effect Applications have certainly done no harm to this particular, be it dubious, claim. And in the process have given hope to mobile gamers looking for a shooter fix with their latest creation Trigger Fist.

While I usually avoid shooters on the iOS platform, my mate thought it would be a good idea if I picked it up so we could play together (read: kick my ass).  So, being the great friend that I am, obliged and paid £0.69 of hard-earned student loan for the privilege. After jumping into a game the first thing that struck me was the absence of a y-axis. Meaning, you simply swipe left and right to target your virtual enemies. While this sounds strange for a shooter, I found it to be a stroke of genius as it allows to you focus more on your aiming, rather than flailing round in the heat of battle like an epileptic octopus at a rave. Cue flashbacks to Call of Duty for the Wii. Granted, it does leave the game a little…horizontal, but, less is definitely more in this case. Movement is controlled by a floating joystick on the left of the screen, while aiming is done by swiping anywhere on the screen. Swiping down will allow you to crouch and you change weapons, reload etc. using the icons in the bottom right.

Almost got him

The game has four game modes; team deathmatch, free for all, king of the hill, and my personal favorite, sacred goat. The first three are pretty much self-explanatory. Sacred goat, however, is essentially capture the flag but instead of a flag, you guessed it, you have to pick up a goat who will jump on your back until you’re killed at which point it will continue on its random journey like nothing happened until someone else picks it up. The winning team is the first to keep the goat on their back for 120 seconds. Each of these game modes can be played in 4 different ways, single player with bots, online matchmaking, with friends (via Game Center), and via Bluetooth. Each team consists of 4 players, although, one thing to note is when playing online you’ll only ever have 3 other human players in the game and the rest are bots. This is down to limitations with the Game Center which sucks but c’est la vie.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a ladder in the game

As one would expect there are a number of classes you can choose to be, each with their own progression path. Gunner (LMGs), Rifleman (Assault rifles) and Scout (SMGs) all have their own unique benefits and weapons. Weapons are unlocked individually for each class by gaining points as that class in-game. However, you can buy the next weapon unlock for £0.69. You get the sense that the unlocks are dragged out to entice you to pay for the next weapon, while I don’t mind this strategy in free games I don’t feel they should be forced on you in a game that you have paid £2.99 for (price after the sale, apparently). Perks offer a nice way to customize your load-out and don’t seem to imbalance the game as much as *cough* recent Call of Dutys *cough*.

Ultimately, Trigger Fist understands what its supposed to be and that’s exactly what it is, a pocket shooter. By not forcing over the top graphics or even including a single player campaign it’s given the game a very streamline feel, allowing you to hop on for a quick game or two while on the john. Which is a good thing, too many times I’ve started playing Infinity Blade only to snap back to reality 45 minutes wondering what the time is and why my back’s aching. Anyway, you can pick this bad boy up for £1.99 on the App Store while it’s still on sale.

I hope this rather amateur review didn’t bore you too much. If it did, feel free to abuse me in the comments or if you’re not in the mood to hurt my feelings or have a suggestion for a game I should try, let me know too.


DayZ of the Dead

So late as always I finally joined the DayZ party, my first life did not go well. Thinking wrongly,the wise thing to do would be to head straight out to the nearest military complex to arm myself to the teeth. It took a long time to figure out just where I was within the 225 sq/km (that’s a whopping 87 sq miles) map.

Having attempted and failed to scavenge from many small towns, each time being forced to flee when a small army of Zed’s caught my scent, running like Usain Bolt in an attempt to prevent my terrified arse from being chewed off. Finally I managed to escape the attentions of the brain hungry mobs long enough to loot some food and a new rucksack from an abandoned mini mart. Equipped with plenty of food and drink (but still no weapon) I started to feel a little over confident. I found a map, watch and a crowbar so finally I could fight back, things were really looking up. Studying my newly acquired map I found that I was but a few clicks south of an abandoned military airbase “a chance to add some real hardware to my pack” I thought. Little did I know I was barking up the wrong tree.

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Perfect Cell Reception

Thought to keep this post relatively short because 1) No one likes rambling in a review and 2) I have spent far too much time being pleased with myself over the title of this post. It’s dark now. Anyway since my last post on mobile games I have moved on from both Blockado Desert in which I made a pitiful attempt and ultimately got stuck somewhere in World 2 and Robot Unicorn Attack which I pretty much rage quit for the same reason. My new flavour of the month plays easier and unlike Robot Unicorn Attack actually has an end and because of this I bought this nice little title.

Perfect Cell on iOS £1.99/$299

Perfect Cell

What initially grabbed me about this game was its premise. A meteor crashes to earth and a secret team of scientists are sent to investigate and what they discover is a microscopic alien organism. So they squirrel it away in some super top-secret base under water and the life form turns out to be a total dick to any other living thing it encounters and begins to grow and eventually busts out of containment. This is where the you pick up the controls….as the Perfect Cell.

Looking like a cross between a squid and a bouncy ball your goal is to escape the clutches of your captors by evading lasers, solving puzzles and destroying every puny human you come across. The levels are as linear as they come so there is only way through them, but the well honed difficulty level presents you with increasingly moreThe professor never did like calamari challenging obstacles for you to glide and dash past. I don’t mean to go on about it (I do really) but personally I’ve found the steady ramp up of difficulty throughout my play time so far pretty much spot on. The tutorial pop ups are ‘at-a-glance’ simple and easy to digest delivering just enough information so you can get to grips with playing the game very quickly.

So how does it scrub up in the sparkly department? On my iPhone 4 the HD graphics are  pretty tasty looking and I imagine it can only get better on an iPad. The loud colour of your organism is a stark contrast to the moody kind of 80’s industrial lab environments you find yourself in. The whole presentation is quite old school sprite’esque all wrapped in shiny HD polythene, very palatable on the old eye holes. My one gripe would be that in the game description it states you will travel “across 5 different worlds”, I have currently just finished the 3rd world and the total number of “worlds”  I have encountered is precisely 1. I am certain I will see daylight eventually but just not nearly enough of it.

"on the head son.."On the plus side though each level takes between 5 and 10 minutes to slither through as the difficulty increases, so with 35 levels in total it gives you more than a couple of hours worth of play, which if you think about it is quite some time given that most people will pick up and play one or two levels at time. That and the fact your cell unlocks some pretty awesome abilities (no spoilers) as you progress which become more vital to your continued success, again adding to the feeling of how well paced the learning curve of this game is.

For those who are wanting a bit of replay value the developers recently brought out an update containing some extra colour skins for your extra terrestrial that only unlock once you have killed all the humans and collected all the hidden prisms, which are either hard to spot or I suck at spotting secrets. I personally would like to say a little from column A and column B but in my heart I know its 92% of the latter. Given the price tag on it I would expect a new batch of levels to be released at some stage too.

Overall this has definitely got enough quality to keep you coming back for more when you have a spare few minutes. So if you are sick of drawing the same 13 ‘somethings’ for your friends over and over give this a shake.

P.S. Kill the Humans.

-MS Dosser

Number of the Beast

Resident Evil 6 … 66

Those of you who bought the awesome Dragons Dogma may have already played the early access Resident Evil 6 demo but I have been caught up punching dirt in Minecraft and have therefore neglected my poor little consoles. I have been watching with excitement all the footage that Capcom have been releasing for the forthcoming sixth genuine installment of one of the finest game series of all time. Today I finally got around to reuniting myself with Leon, Chris and the gang in said demo.

It might be a good idea to not get in a lift with this girl …. just saying.

The demo actually gives you access to three of the games campaigns, in which you get to play out part of the story for Leon, Chris and Jake’s individual adventures, each seems to offer a slightly different variation of Resi action. I dove straight into Leon’s campaign and I have to say I was very pleased with what I experienced. The setting, enemies and action were all so familiar to me as a fan of the series. A more urban Gothic setting than that on show in the fourth and fifth installments I was made to feel instantly at home in the dark scary hallways of the college. Immediately feeling like I was playing an old school Resident Evil title by the eerie chiming of a nearby grandfather clock and reminded soon enough that this game is all about atmosphere and terror …oh and Zombies. That’s right the old Zed heads are back replete with grey rotting flesh and drooling, groaning mouths. In a nod to the earlier games Leon even advises his new partner to aim for the head a nice touch for those of us who have gone through hell and come out alive more than once with former Raccoon City rookie cop Leon.S.Kennedy.

chris redfield bsaa id card

Even VG characters take bad ID pics

Onto the old stalwart. Chris Redfield star of the original Resi has gone rogue and turned into your typical Hollywood good cop gone wrong cliche. Drinking in some eastern European vodka bar, Chris has hit rock bottom but it isn’t long before some BSAA agents show up and quickly re-recruit our ageing hero. You’re thrown straight into the action in the middle of a gun fight with some kind of terrorists. It quickly becomes obvious that these terrorists are actually Los Plagos infectees (the much criticised new enemies from the fourth and fifth Resi games). I wasn’t the biggest advocate of these guys in the newer titles and I doubt this will be my favourite of the new campaigns. It seems like Capcom are trying to muscle their way into the shooter market with this and if the lackluster Operation Raccoon City is anything to go by the return of the beloved series hero wont be the strongest piece of the new titles jigsaw.

tyrant giant arm

Er mate … you might wanna see a doctor

Fighting your way through hordes of machine gun wielding, mask wearing enemies is not easy with the games poor view-point (something which will hopefully be remedied in the finished product) and you will often find yourself wondering where you are being shot from. The saving grace here looks to be the mutations of said enemies who grow extra limbs, heads and in some cases wings, much like in Resi 4 and 5, offering much-needed relief from the run and gun nature of this beast.

How are you still alive … seriously its mental

Finally Jake’s campaign. Accompanied by the return of Sherry Birkin, last seen as an annoying brat (with an unbelievable knack for survival) in Resi 2, Jake is a mercenary employed by Sherry for some unknown reason. Heavily Rumored to be Hunk (one of the secret characters from the same game) Jake and Sherry are pitted against some kind of enhanced biological weapon behemoth akin to the third installments Nemesis. It features some classic explosive barrel mechanics and seems like it will be a solid if somewhat repetitive addition to our main hero’s struggles.

Look into my eyes

There is also set to be a reunion of sorts for Leon and his anti-hero love interest Ada Wong a fan favourite who offers a more athletic style of play. Something of an enigma Ada uses her ninja like abilities to kick, punch and grapple her way through the undead minions rather than just blasting and bludgeoning them to death.

ada wong with a cross bow

Everyone loves a bad girl

One thing I that irks me about new gen Resi games is the focus on co-op. It is so much more difficult to create that sense of fear and isolation when you are always accompanied by a friend or an idiotic AI. Yes multiplayer games are fun but I fear IP’s such as this lose alot of the atmosphere by adding this dimension. It may not have the epic open world of Cherno from DayZ at times you feel as if you are being pushed down a pre determined pathway and that lack of freedom can be frustrating at times but the hopefully the game will more than make up for this in narrative and puzzles. All in all this looks like a pretty exciting title and with an October 2nd release just around the corner expect to spend most of Halloween month fighting the forces of evil just like Bruce Campbell would’ve wanted.

the evil dead

– Elth Out

Game Scone

Apologies for the awful pun

gamescom 2012 playstation cologne

With Dosser covering PAX and our upcoming visit to the EuroGamer expo just around the corner I decide to belatedly blabber about the Gamescom footage I took time out to watch. Starting with the Sony conference.

I want to point out I love my PS3 there are some amazing titles including some of the most beautifully rendered well manufactured games but this years conference wasn’t about them it was all about Innovation!

Seriously how many times/ways did the boys at Sony want to tell us how their new IP‘s are going to be compelling and vivid? Quite the list of titles on display this year chaps but are we really supposed to believe that this is all so new? Ninty started the motion control fad with the release of the Wii in 2006 yes the PS3 has better graphics, yes some of the titles look really impressive but Sony are selling Move like it’s a new idea.

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Snack PAX

PAX 12

The Penny Arcade Expo, more lovingly known as PAX, has become one of the best venues for showing off the biggest new games. This bite sized post is about just three of those games I wouldn’t mind a blast on.

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

Having never played the previous games due to my irrational phobia of PlayStation’s I have to say that I was a tad confused by some of the trailer. However what I do see is that this game drips awesome graphically and atmospherically. The Conjurer of the stealthy franchise Mr Kojima says that this current generation title is in fact a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5 which will be a next-gen title. I have to say it looks pretty bad ass and although the ‘game play trailer’ is a little light on actual game play it makes up for in awesome cinematics. As long as you don’t mind subtitles check it out below. Oh and whats more it’s on both PS3 and Xbox 360 so I wont have to get my hands dirty.

Borderlands 2

I always appreciated the almost Scanner Darkly-esque shaded graphics of the first game, but the sequel to this action RPG seems to have ramped things up more than a bit. As you will see in the trailer it totes more guns, baddies, character customizations, environments and even a bad ass ranking system so you can measure just how much of a bad ass you are. Its got 4 player co-op to quadruple the ultra violence levels in-game and trade any weapons with your buddies. It looks totally over the top and I love that about it, I mean anything which has an acid shooting machine gun and black hole grenades can’t be wrong. Take a look for yourself.

Halo 4

Of course I couldn’t go without mentioning Halo and PAX has brought another selection of UNSC tapas for our delectation. Check out this little video about 343’s some poor suckers getting flagsassinated on the latest to be showcased ‘Exile’ during a CTF game,  I feel some of the footage here kind of affirms that it still has that Halo feel but now with a little more added super soldier.

The many details on multiplayer have been receiving mixed reactions from the community. Personally I am all for the changes, after all it is meant to be Combat Evolved right? However the good people at 343i have been understandably quiet about the campaign involving everyone’s favourite Spartan – The Master Chief. The video below though is probably the best ViDoc they have released to date and shows a substantial amount of ‘making of’ footage and to me really conveys the level of consideration and just how hard they are working to make the campaign something really special. There are even a couple of extra bits of unseen cut-scene footage in there. The video below should really give you a feel how much the team is

Hope you enjoyed this post, are you looking forward to any/all of these games, any other games that were showcased at PAX that you like the look of? Let me know in the comments and as usual if you like what you read please subscribe. Thanks

-MS Dosser