One Small Step

I have always been obsessed with Space. As a child most of my Lego was Space related, the biggest of which was the Space Police Commander which I loved and mourned when my brother threw it down the stairs. All the shows I loved the most growing up were intergalactic in some way, Space Precinct, Stargate SG1, Babylon 5 and of course my beloved Star Trek. I was fascinated by it and for a time between wanting to be a fireman and a pop star my dream was to be an Astronaut and go to Space. To this day I love keeping up with news on space science and science fiction is my genre of choice.

That’s why, when browsing the trends last night on twitter, I was greatly saddened to see that Neil Armstrong had passed away. For most people if not all Neil Armstrong is Space personified, he was nothing short of an icon. It’s the first person in my head when I think of Space, not Yuri Gagarin or Richard Branson or Jean Luc Picard. A man who uttered a few words so famous that every child born thereafter who had even a passing interest in astronomy has them branded to their brain.

There were others who went to Space first and there will be plenty more to go in the future, all of them inspirational. But Neil Armstrong transcended mere inspiration, he was and will be a legend to every generation from the day he took that small step ad infinitum.


2 thoughts on “One Small Step

  1. Godspeed Mr. Armstrong. At least he lived too see Curiosity land. Amazing what can be done when money is spent on the right things. Recently read that Neil placed a soviet medal, that Yuri Gagarin was awarded for being the first man in space, on the moon. Don’t know if that’s true, but I hope so. Nationalism shouldn’t come in to this. Amazing people, doing amazing things.

    Lets hope Curiosity ushers in the next wave of exploration. Mars: here we come!

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