Remember, Remember The 6th of November

As my partner in prose seems to have blown the dust off our poor malnourished page and breathed new life into our sickly whelp, I thought I would etch some ramblings down here too.

I am going address our bread and butter – Halo. Specifically the highly antcipated 4th Installment coming our way this year.

Wake Up John

(Disclaimer: – by no means is any of the following breaking news, just a summary of the plethora of info that has been released of late. If you are unhealthily interested in halo and want up to the minute news check out The Little English Halo Blog)

As the not so original rhyming title to this post suggests the 6th of November is an important date, not because of the impending election for a new president of the over the top states of country and western. Something much more important  is happening on this date and that’s the re-emergence of The Master Chief.

Fuck. Yeah.

After a 5 year Hiatus everyone’s (well my) favourite super soldier returns to the Xbox and bloody hell does he look fly.  His armour has undergone some changes whilst being suspended in that goo filled tube (oo err) for the past 5 years, which will apparently be explained in-game. He is looking chunkier, more solid looking and in general gives the impression he is equipped to kick even more alien A-hole.

The Chief is Back

Another major bit of info that really caught my attention is that of the brand new composer that 343 Industries have brought in to give Halo 4 an epic score. The gentleman in question is Neil Davidge who has been heavily involved as a producer of the sublime Massive Attack since their inception. Halo is famed for its epic music score and looks like Neil isn’t about to break tradition.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself.

Another thing that’s got me excited about this is the level of depth the story is going into this time around. In the past the halo story has been famously understated in the actual games and has been left to the novels to beef up the universe. Halo 4 however is going to really dig deep into the lore of the mysterious forerunners, those bad ass mothers that built the Halo Rings who then just disappeared from the face of the universe. Well looks like not all of them disappeared and with 343i truly intertwining the canon throughout the future games and novels the story is going to get epic.

Finally probably the little bit of news that has me the moistest is that 343i are in the process of making a live action 5 part web series that will be released in the run up to the games launch. It will tell the story of some kid who was inspired by The Chief to join the UNSC and become a spartan himself. Really brilliant move by the developer and I am sure every halo fan will be creaming a little bit at this.

Oh yeah one I forgot about this. Some info on the weapons coming out has been drip fed to us, seeing some classic guns like the BR returning, but the one everyone is talking about is the brand new Railgun . Basically for those of you who did play the previous games it seems like it could be a hand held version of the utterly devastating Gauss Hog turret. For those of you haven’t played Halo (what do you do with yourselves?) from the description it basically magnetically fires a big ass explosive round at super sonic speed at your foe, which can only end in tears. Shock & Awesome.


Halo 4 Railgun


Anyways this is the stuff that got me excited about Halo 4, and with E3 commencing on June 5th I’m sure there will be plenty more info to tide me over until November. Thanks for sharing my illness with me.




Don’t stop believin’

So we haven’t posted in a while but since I’ve just spent my bank holiday gaming I thought I’d give you all an insight into what I’ve been up to. We’re talking about the rise of downloadable games on consoles having recently been playing Journey on the Psn and trials evolution/walking dead on xbox 360.


I’m gonna start with trials as its a game that needs little introduction you’re a bloke, you have a motorbike, you ride, you balance its all great fun. The introduction of multiplayer gives this one an edge over its predecessor but its essentially the same balance of frustration and satisfaction. Trials hd more or less set the bar for early xbox live arcade titles and this addition certainly does not harm red lynx’ claim to the crown of best arcade producers.


The walking dead is a great tv series (admittedly season 2 features way too much talking and not enough zombie stomping) and with the recent popularity of zombie games it made sense that it would arrive on consoles sooner or later. To be honest this game surprised me the gameplay, storyline and graphical style were not at all what I expected that said I loved it. Not a run and gun/smash zombie shooter as you would expect but a really cleverly put together game that has more in common with monkey island than left4dead. The graphical style owes more to the comics than the show but I for one think that’s a good thing and it shouldn’t put any of you non comic readers off. Little more than two hours of story driven point and click esque adventure and I cannot wait for the next part. Telltale games are really onto something with this episodic installment idea. Well worth 400 Microsoft pacmen.


Finally we move over to the ps3 for their spin on the downloadable game. Journey, the latest title from thatgamecompany (the developer known for a more artistic direction) whose previous titles flow and flower, while solid games never really set the world alight, have crafted a gem here. So beautiful to look at, emotionally invoking and a joy to play this brilliant (if short) title will leave your jaw slack with amazement (much like Kayley Cuoco’s skimpy outfits on the big bang) I don’t want to give too much away because you really should experience it for yourself. I met a few other players through the course of my 1.5 hour playthrough but I really connected with my final partner (I dubbed him four-stair) whom I met halfway through and saw out the rest of the game with. 10 squids may be a little steep for a short experience but I found it to be well worth it and I think the whole affair will stick with me for much longer than even your average 60+ hour rpg offering.

These titles make the dlc on offer from studios such as bioware look embarrasaingly over-priced. In short the future is bright for download gaming.

Elth out.