Believe the Hype

Hello Reader,

OK I would like to say the reason that you haven’t heard a peep out of either of us is because we have been helping build wells in Africa, or crossing the Sahara desert raising money for some charity which helps saves the lives of people which have shit wrong with their arms or something.

Unfortunately we are not good people, I mean we put money in charity boxes and stuff but don’t do good deeds that are dead hard, instead we have been playing the fuck out of Battlefield 3.  I know what you are thinking reader, why talk about a game that has been out for ages? Wouldn’t talking about Mass Effect 3 be more current? Well I will probably never play ME3, I don’t why I never got on board the whole Mass Effect thing, I like sci fi as a rule (hello, Halo?) but I just don’t find the main dude in Mass Effect that identifiable, plus RPG’s are a bit of a fanny on in my opinion… just sayin’…

Anyway Battlefield 3.. It is such a solid game and I would implore any of you Call Of Duty Sheep (no offence) who haven’t given it a blast to do so. As good as it is forget the campaign and get on the multi-player quite simply because its truly brilliant.

Thanks to the latest iteration of the Frostbite engine graphically its very impressive, given the size of the maps you play on the level of detail is brilliant. The destructible environments are really immersive, whether firing an RPG at the side of a building and watching the doomed wall collapse or taking cover behind a barrier and seeing it being literally chipped away by your enemy’s machine gun is so engaging. It draws you in, you feel like you are under attack and in my case respond accordingly by legging it.

This immersion is only hammered home by the fantastic sound effects, each bullet, grenade or rocket sounds utterly real and completely deadly. If you are thinking of investing in a gaming headset then this would be a reason to, you actually hear the rounds fly passed your ears when under fire, the thud of mortar fire or the terror of hearing a rocket destroy part of the building you are in. Top notch.

Unlike the pat you on the head regardless of how well you play approach you get with Modern Warfare 3 leveling up in BF3 is more of a slog but in a good way, you feel like you have earnt your new item / dog tag / medal etc. As with any game there is always a certain level of pwnage at first but name a game where that doesn’t happen.

If this slightly below average summary has made you think ‘this sounds canny good’ and you are going to grab a copy of this fine title then I have one  thing you must bear in mind and that’s teamwork. Whatever class you decide to play, really learn what your role is and stick to it because you and your squad will be rewarded with buckets of points. That is what really sets this game apart for me, the fact that its not just all about the kills in order to score points. The support class you get points for giving your team ammo or suppressing targets whilst others get the kills, the engineer class rewards you for you involvement with vehicles whether it repairing or destroying them. If long range sniping is more your style, then recon is great as you can also rack up the points and help your team mates by highlighting enemies on the map for your team (IMO you don’t get enough points for this service, but hey its still fun).  Rolling the assault class is really fun because you get as many points for running into the jaws of death saving a teammate from death with a defibrillator as you do for dropping an enemy. Oh Kills do get you points as well though so keep doing that too.

One last thing, this game is made 10 times better if you party up with friends and communicate with one another. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any friends with the game just make some when you are playing or get online and join a platoon. For example here is a shameless plug for my platoon. Sign up to the 117th Spartan Company by clicking the link…

In summary Battlefield straps C4 to the chest of COD and presses the plunger in a serious way.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

P.S. I didnt mention vehicles here because I am utterly shite in them but you might find them fun too