The Pillar of Autumn congestion

So here we are once more at what is undoubtedly the busiest time of year for gamers which is both exciting and depressing at the same time. So to help you all out we decided to do a quick round up of all the games we are going to be playing in the build up to the festive period.

Ico and Shadow of the Colosus Hd 3d– I may be late to this party but don’t underestimate my excitement I loved both of these games first time around and can’t wait to see this new, even more beautiful edition.

Uncharted 3 Drakes deception– Yup Drake’s back and since his last two outings were probably the best games on the ps3 and possibly the best looking console games of all time I’m literally drooling at the prospect of returning to the tomb raider inspired shooter with a side order of puzzles in all of its 3d glory.

Battlefield 3
We played the beta and are hitting the main game right now and despite the frustration of dying every couple of minutes its destructable enviros, vehicle combat and massive maps have you respawning back for more and more …. and more.

Nuff said really. Seriously though oblivion was easily the best rpg of this generation and skyrims new engine promises much and I (elth) feel confident that bethesda won’t let us down and that we will be immersed in a world of snow yetis, swords, bows, magic and dragons for a long while and we might be able to finally wash the foul taste out of our mouths which was left by the frankly appaling dragon age 2.



Hello Reader,

Now the plan was to start this blog and write some insightful thoughts about games and the like. What actually happened was we started this blog, wrote an introduction welcoming all to our blog, then didn’t blog.

Instead we got Battlefield 3 to play and review, but swiftly forgot all about reviews when we were hiding in buildings that were blowing around us, crashing jets within seconds and dying alot. Evening with all the dying this game is seriously good and is worthy of a review.

However the hopes of us ever reviewing seem to have been dashed this morning when Skyrim arrived. To keep with the infantile tone set by the title of this blog, I currently ‘have slipped my tip’ in Skyrim and already I know this game is going to dominate my time for a very very long time. And thus I thought getting some initial thoughts down might be a good idea. So elder scroll down (sorry) for my first amateur impression

Graphically Skyrim is pretty special, its varied subtle colour use, lighting techniques and water effects are visually stunning. It literally makes you want examine the entire screen when you are navigating through the world to soak up every last detail. Music score  is spot on, the interludes striking the perfect mood whatever is going on at the time. So far the voice acting seems pretty convincing so far too.

The only minor thing I have noticed so far is that the character animation in my opinion is just a little bit ‘clenched’, its nothing too major but as I am watching the gf play and the character movement is just a touch on the robotic side, I am not slating it but I have seen better in other games (LA Noire for example).  The Dragons animation however, is exactly how I thought it would be and I literally cannot wait until I have made one of those bad boys my bitch!

Anyway I have decided that there is only one way to play Skyrim and that is by getting Balls Deep. If you need anything I will be in Windhelm. I am that dodgy looking car thief type in the picture below.

MS Dosser