Halo Community

If you haven’t guessed already we like Halo. Alot. One of the many reasons we like Halo is the unique and varied community contributors out there that you just don’t get with other gaming franchises.

All of the people on this list we think excel in the content they provide and we have had the fortune of becoming friends with a few of them. So if you have no idea what Halo is, have a passing interest and would like to get more involved or, like us are running out of places to inject Halo and need a bigger hit check the links below.

CruelLEGACEY Productions




A former moderator on the Halo Waypoint forums, the multi-talented CruelLEGACEY hosts and/or creates a plethora of Halo related content on his blog. Take your pick from the always excellent Community Modcast or maybe his hand crafted Machinima creation Play Time, or perhaps if you want guides to the games you’ll find them here or even if you just want to laugh at videos of ridiculous multiplayer moments it’s all here. Go there now or begone from this place.

Drunken Halo




The first halo podcast I downloaded because of the name and boy was that a good decision. The premise is simple, Two brothers get drunk (sometimes extremely) and talk about Halo. It’s funny and honest. I highly recommend you download the back catalogue because it has a ton of natural discussion and some ridiculous personal stories. Go there now

Dust And Echoes




This podcasting duo are from the Greatest of Britains. The show is equally informative and natural in its approach as they discuss all things Halo from news to games they have played to obscure British sit-com references. The hosts themselves are thoroughly good eggs and are nice enough to follow me on twitter and talk to us in real life. They also got a feature on Halo Waypoint recently, which lets face it is a big deal, Microsoft love them and so do I. Check them out.

The Halo Array

halo array



A site I recently stumbled upon after playing some games with the owner of said site (for the record he is awesome at Halo). I think the site has a really fresh layout, its a great place to visit to keep in touch with all the official news from Waypoint in bite size chunks, as well as anything regarding competitive Halo. Lots of videos and brief synopses for those who just don’t have time to read!

Halo Fan For Life




Here at TBoD we have had the good fortune of fighting alongside HaloFanForLife on a number of occasions, similarly we have had the misfortune of facing off against him in a few matches too. Needless to say he annoyingly good at Halo and is also pretty damn good at writing a Halo blog too. HFFL covers many aspects of this rich universe but by his own admission is a collector at heart and his blog reflects this by reviewing and building many of the awesome Halo mega bloks sets that are released. So if collectibles are your thing then check out his blog, if getting beaten at Halo is your thing then play against him.

Little English Halo Blog




Without a doubt this is the place to go for Halo news, if it’s not on here then it’s not worth knowing, this guy never misses a beat and has pretty much rendered all other Halo news sources redundant for me because it’s on here first. He is succinct and the news on here is varied and often. And he is from blighty. Visit here now.

Postgame Carnage Report




This long running podcast is not for the faint of heart, they use dirty words and that’s why we love it. PGCR talk about Halo as well as other games they are playing and anything else that interests them and when they get off topic things get really interesting. If that wasn’t enough of a reason the latest member of TBoD SK1LLAXED can be heard dropping verbal trou’ on all and sundry here on a regular basis. Give them a listen.

Reactive Bias




Run by the appropriately named DayandKnightly because this gentleman covers an entire spectrum of Halo – from personal experience to Halo 4 news. I think what I like most on this site though is his eloquent and thorough break down of the novels. Excellent stuff if you are a hardcore Halo fan. There is plenty for everyone here and also having had the opportunity to play Halo with Knightly and his wife I can say they are genuinely nice people, not once do they teabag their enemies, that says a lot about them, they are people with good moral fiber…. I am working on changing that.

5 thoughts on “Halo Community

  1. Gentlemen,
    Appreciate the space on the hallowed halls of ToD.

    And while I’m handing out appreciation, I also appreciate the quality articles – be they about Halo or other gaming topics that find their way out of your brain and onto the blog.

    For the record, I’ve asked my moral fiber to stay at a safe house until the coast is clear. Let me know when it’s safe …

    • Thanks for the kind words Sir Knightly, I have been meaning to thank you formally for the link on your own stellar blog as we regularly get at least a couple of hits from it a day. It’s much appreciated. We need to play some Halo soon for I fear a stuffing at the hands of PGCR will go that much worse.

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