The TBoD Podcast – 68 – Patchy Erections

Good morrow friends, and welcome back to the TBoD podcast!

This week, we have mostly been talking about the Gamescom expo, with the old familiar tangents thrown in too.

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The TBoD Podcast – 67 – Ether One Interview


This week Quim and I were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Pete from White Paper games. After a Q&A session about Pete’s work in the industry and in particular on the studios debut title Ether One‘ Pete was kind enough to stick around and discuss some of this weeks big news including;


early access on consoles,

Journey down roads travelled,


Thanks again to Pete for joining us, we had a great time chatting with him and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
The music used in this weeks show is from the Ether One Original Soundtrack by NJ Apostal and is available as part of the Deluxe edition.
Special thanks to Donnie aka @Murderzmedia for the image.
- eremenko

TBoD podcast – 66 – Skill Tree Huggers

‘sup baggers, we’re back apologies for the delay but we do have a rather special show for you today.

We are joined by three brilliant guests this week David Weeks aka @DestinyAuthor, SpiemanW from @The8bitbeards and last but by no means least @JustinBryce from the Drunken Halo podcast.

This week we’re talking Destiny and all Destiny.

Sit back relax and have a listen to our impressions from the beta.

Skill Tree Huggers

- eremenko

TBoD Podcast – 65 – Interview with Tara “Skunkie” Bellafiore

Hey all,

We were super stoked to have the wonderful Tara “Skunkie” Bellafiore of Punklabs fame join us for this episode. We spend the majority of the episode gaining insight into the life and work of an indie developer but we also manage to cover some news;

Goldfarb goes indie,

Popular YouTubers in cash for vids shock,

the tides are changing,

We had a great time with this one so I hope you all enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Interview special w/Tara

- eremenko

The TBoD Podcast – Episode 64 – Barbershop Duet

Barbershop Duet (right click and hit ‘save link as’ to download)

Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum

try getting that one out of your head.

Quim and Menko are once again a twosome for this weeks episode, joined in brief cameos by This is Reklaw and BadMotherLicker. The focus this week is in shooters with the following up for discussion;


Cliffy B’s Bluesteak,

updates to Titanfall and BF 4,

all rounded out with a discussion about Violence in games

 with comments from Ken Levine.

- eremenko

TBoD Podcast – 63 – Towerfall Intervention

Hey all,

Apologies for the delay this week, I am useless.

This week we cover;

A few listener questions and,

the punishment of death,

games win prizes,

and our ‘we called the dog….’ section covers the gorgeous ‘Long Dark’

Crinbot was once again absent so no song …. sorry.

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The TBoD Podcast – Episode 62 – Statistically Masterful


We’re short a member again this week, Crinbot’s absence means we have no song either so apologies for that. We do have the usual content for your listening pleasure so without further ado the stuff we cover;

Continued support for X360,

Kingdom under fire and the new ‘Blueside’ engine,

PS now service update,

Console to PC parity,

Live GTAV in first person,

Oculus controller?

We called the dog ….. Anna!?!

…. and finally the WOW player who hit 90 as neither horde nor alliance.

as always thanks for listening and com-like-a-scribe.

Statistically Masterful

 – eremenko

The TBoD Podcast – 61 – Burrows of Passion

Hello Teabaggers,

We are firing on all pistons this week and have plenty to cover. Among other things we talk about the rebranding of Xbox, the always controversial Phil Fish and his recent comments on YouTube revenue. Dean Hall has set up his new games company and he wants it to be the Valve of the South Pacific.

We also have a chuckle about Sunset Overdrive’s little dig at Assassins Creed Unity‘s lack of female character, then talk about the importance of representation and choice in games. We also wax lyrical over whether YouTube will replace the website as the main source of gaming news. If so we are buggered

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The TBoD podcast – E3 special

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a special E3 cast in store today brought to you by two out of three of our regular hosts. The topics up for discussion this week are’


Hope you enjoy the show, let us know your thoughts on the top showings and give us a run down of who you would award what in the following categories;

top 3 from each show

Best graphics

Most surprising

Best trailer

Best gameplay

Best show

Most exciting

Most disappointing

Upset not to see

Best in show

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The TBoD Podcast – 60 – Tribute

Howdy baggers,

The regular TBoD aural assault is here for your listening pleasure.

This week we talk;

Mortal Kombat,

XBOX exclusives headed to PC,




One way trip,

Uncharted back on track,

Valvetual reality,

Oculus and Samsung pair up,

and our ‘we called the dog..’ section is about a website this week,

got spare money to spend? buy this…..

Enjoy mother funsters….

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The TBoD Podcast – 59 – Deeply Dippy

Ok folks, welcome back to another episode of the TBoD Podcast, our lively debate this week consists of the following stories;

BF: Hardline leaked,

Dice promise to look after BF 4,

this old article sparks some discussion,

new PS+ content,

right, I’ve been eremenko, like, com, scribe and all that shite
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go away.

TBoD Video – State of Decay: Lifeline Review

Hey guys,

Undead labs were kind enough to provide us with a steam key for the latest DLC for the epic Zombie survival game State of Decay, I threw together a quick review featuring gameplay footage from my playthough of the game.

Check it out here or over on our YouTube channel.


Special thanks to The Wach for helping us to secure this review copy.

You can see The Wach’s review in print over on PGCR


TBoD Podcast 58 – With an open hand

Another week, another installment on the TBoD podcast.

The topics on the smörgåsbord for discussion this week are;

Xbox stuff,

Frankie is unhappy,

Will Ubi win E3 for the second year running?

Dinner, Dinner, Dinner, Dinner …. BATMAN,

Middle Witcher, Assassin of Mordor,



in no particular Order,

Google/YouTube is feeling Twitchy,

IFightBears Lumberjack-em-up Fist of Awesome comes to mac and pc,

And Greenlight,

and our Indie game of the week is “Total Chaos“.

As always thanks for tuning in, if you like what you hear leave us a comment or a review on iTunes, if you have a burning question that you need answering in a meandering tangenty fashion by all means give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or leave a comment here on the blog.

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- eremenko

The TBoD Podcast – 57 – Wanted, on Xbox Live


We’re back again to talk the latest gaming news.

This week: starting out with the XBone Zone, we look at the unbundling of Kinect, as well as the Netflix and Hulu Gold requirement being lifted, and Games with Gold – officially no longer shit! Moving on, we talk new Halo news.

Our Indie game this week is beautiful looking The Forest, go check it out.

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The TBoD Podcast – 56 – A Ball for Each Bongo

Well met adventurers!,

We have a veritable feast in store for you this week.

In this show we cover: an addition for Naughty Dog following their recent departures; could Titanfall be coming to PS4?; Steven Spielberg’s Halo series may not be as exclusive as we once thought; we get a bit weighty with our thoughts on sexism in gaming and society, thanks to this article; the obligatory Destiny circle-jerk continues, and further; plus, an exciting reveal from Sony on the real purpose of the DS4’s lightbar.

Our indie game this week is Stoked!, currently on Kickstarter. Head over and give it a look.

As ever, leave us your thoughts either below, or on Twitter/Facebook.

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The TBoD Podcast – 55 – Gaming at Tiffany’s

Howdy Gamers,

In this very special episode we  traverse space and time and discuss the latest Destiny gameplay footage, the Star Wars cast announcement and Mass Effect new and old.

We also talk about an indie game called Chip from game developer not far from us, it’s a cool puzzler its on Steam/iOS/Android now!

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My Spider-Sense is Tingling…

Another Summer, another Superhero game!

Another Summer, another Superhero game!

Or rather has been going off the scale since The Amazing Spiderman 2 game was announced by Activision and Beenox.  Not only is it a follow-up to a fairly good movie tie-in, but appeared to provide a huge throwback to the one title that made Spidey games huge:  Spiderman 2 which was launched wayyy back in yesteryear for the O.G. XBOX, PS2, and other consoles of that time.  For a movie tie-in this game set a new precedent for superhero games, and even made it to XBOX’s Platinum hits, which is no small feat for a traditionally shitty movie based game.

Spiderman 2 was the first in the long series of titles modeled after our friendly neighborhood web-head, which offered a free-roaming New York to go about fighting petty crimes, and baddies in a GTA style environment of quasi-freedom.  It was even voiced by Toby Macguire – the Peter Parker we’re all doing our best to forget. Especially the Emo-Jazzcat version in Spiderman 3.  There were other additions to the series with this style of freedom based gameplay that were NOT based on a movie release, most notably for me as a drooling spider-fan:  Spiderman: Web of Shadows.

Getting back to this day in age, as soon as this game was announced I knew it must be mine, and so it is.  So True Believers:  Is this game worth your money and time?  Let’s swing into The Amazing Spiderman 2 and you be the judge.  (And no, I will not apologize for ANY corny Spidey jokes in this post.)

One feature which perked my interest with this game was the re-vamped web-sling mechanic.  In application it is very reminiscent of Spiderman 2’s more realistic version of web-slinging.  Unlike the previous Amazing Spiderman game you can’t magically “Sky-Sling” high above the skyscrapers, and must rely on buildings that are in-range and relative to your altitude.  Much like Spiderman 2, each trigger corresponds to it’s respective web-shooter while traversing Manhattan.  This made for some clumsy, noobish and embarrassing web-slinging at first as I wrapped my head around the new hotness, and to the artificial onlookers on the sidewalk it must have appeared that Spidey was black-out drunk.

Admittedly after a good 6-7 hours of gameplay I still find myself over-shooting a turn while chasing a getaway car, or slamming into the side of a building as I attempt to live up to the Parker hype.  Trust me, it’s fun learning how to web sling, and after a fairly early unlock you gain the web-boost ability which helps you use speed and accuracy to launch yourself into the air, or use a webline to vault gaps in the skyline rather than helplessly fall to the street.  Use caution when boosting however, I discovered a game-breaking bug which clipped me into a water-tower after which I was stuck in a perpetual free-fall and had to restart the checkpoint to free myself.  (Beenox:  OOPS!)

The free-roaming aspects are similar, but not a re-hash of the repetitive mini-crimes which happen in previous titles.  Added to the mix in this installment is building fires, bomb threats, and newer more challenging revamps on assisting pinned down cops, and other classic items like Break & Enters, public disturbances, etc.  In Amazing Spiderman 2 however they have introduced a new character element called Hero or Menace.  If you fail, or neglect crimes in progress they will expire and push you toward the menace side during which J Jonah Jameson will give you an earful on the Daily Bugle News Network.

The more of a bumbling menace you become, the more attention you attract from Oscorp’s law enforcement task-force.  A high-tech patrol of robot baddies, and armed thugs on goblin gliders funded by local philanthropist and (crime kingpin) Wilson Fisk.  Yes:  The Kingpin is in this game.  I haven’t completed the campaign yet, because I’m a huge explore/stop and smell the roses type of gamer with titles like this.

The story so far is pretty good, the round-up of Spiderman’s rogues gallery is satisfying and I haven’t encountered them all.  On the list so far is Kingpin, Black Cat, The Shocker, Electro, Kraven The Hunter (who starts off as a mentor who practically wants to adopt Spiderman instead of kill him and send him to a taxidermist…), Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, and likely others.  Through mini missions outside the main plot, I learned the Police are hunting down the classic Hammerhead villain, and a gruesome serial killer who leaves the initials CK written in blood at each scene.  The media has dubbed him “The Carnage Killer.”  hmmm I wonder who he could be.

For the details obsessed people like myself there’s cool locations for you to vist such as Aunt May’s house where you can replay unlocked missions, change your unlocked costumes, but sadly can’t sit down and eat her famous wheat-cakes.  The unlockable costumes in this game are actually more than cosmetic this time as they each have their own traits which you can level up.  I found that rather cool instead of just a new costume with no functional benefits in gameplay.

Another awesome location is a comic store owned by none other than Stan Lee.  Again Stan-The-Man lends his voice to the movie series, and has some great lines.  At the comic shop you can read entire digital versions of comics you unlock by finding “hidden” comic pages throughout the city, figurines, concept art, and you’ll also find an arcade machine where you can play a b-list “horde mode” or battle royale against waves of thugs.

All in all the story is a strong mix of elements from the original classic comics, and the Ultimate Universe.  Voice acting is a little…campy but hey, what can you expect.  The plot supposedly takes place in the aftermath of the 2nd film, but has it’s confusing parts such as a chance meeting with Max Dillon (AKA Electro) which is seemingly for the first time.  Oh well.  I was too busy beating the snot out of petty thugs to really care about one interaction with a poorly designed Jamie Fox lookalike with a comb-over.

Combat is faster, and more fluid than the last title, but the stealth missions can get frustrating due to some jittery controls at first.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how best to approach these indoor scenarios and they are an improvement over ASM 1.  But be prepared for some true WTF moments as you learn the webs…er ropes.

They’ve added sequences where you play as Peter Parker, using his Daily Bugle press-pass to get into places and interview/gather intel on characters, etc.  The Mass Effect style dialogue selection is a nice touch, but the silly dialogue in some instances make you scratch your head, like for instance when asking heatscore questions to Wilson Fisk about “What his problem is with Spiderman.”  or  “I heard your Oscorp taskforce was corrupt!”

All in all, it’s a good game for die-hards like-myself to jump into and swing around in superhero bliss.  If you go into this game expecting an award winning stupendous Walloping Webshooter of a game…  Don’t.  It’s one of those titles that is what it is.  A Spiderman Game.  Love it or hate it however, you’ll still have some fun.  A side-note for Beenox though…  By wielding the franchise they have been granted the power to create some seriously Spectacular experiences in the future.  But of course:  With great power, comes great responsibility.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back often for more great gaming goodness right here, at Teabag or Die.




The TBoD Podcast – 54 – Unleash the Dragon

Howdy chaps and chapesses,

Here we are again. Another week older, but probably not any wiser; you be the judge.

This week we talk:

XBONE price drops

Virtuix Omni secures funding

Playstation Plus free games for May

New Watch Dogs gameplay video

Civilization: Beyond Earth – wowzers…

Four player narrative coop announced for AC: Unity

Minecraft real-world application awesomeness

More departures from Naughty Dog

Our Indie game this week was Franchise Hockey Manager (chosen by Crinbot, obviously)

As ever, get in touch on Facebook, Twitter, or comment below.

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The TBoD Podcast – 53 – Marty be Gone

Sup’ bitches,

We’re back again for another week of epic gaming lolz. This week:

Marty gets kicked

Virtual insanity/reality returns with more news from Occulus. More here. And yet more here.

Continued nonsense from Call of Doody.

Nice words from a Titanfall dev.

And the PS4 gets a long-overdue update.

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The TBoD Podcast – 52 – Nintendo Don’t cry

Hello boys and girls,

Welcome to another edition of the TBoD podcast, the topics up for discussion from our likely lads this week are;

Xbox updates,

The TBoD Podcast – 51 – TBoD Bingo

Howdy chaps and chapesses,

TBoD return the normal schedule this week with more news from the gamesphere from the past 7 days or so.

We firstly bash Xbox for erroneous reasons; the Game with Gold this month is indeed Hitman: Absolution. Apologies to Microsoft…

We touch on our thoughts around the more broad points from Gagnon30’s recent post.

Phil Spencer promoted;

Disney buys Maker Studios; and

Amazon Fire TV, among others

The indie game this week is the truly excellent Gang Beasts

As ever, get your lugs (English for ‘ears’) around our dulcet tones, and give us your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or the comments section below.

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The TBoD Podcast – 50 – Virtual Insanity

Hey folks,

The crew reunite after a split to take in the sights and “experiences” of Amsterdam to talk through the latest news in gaming.

This week, we couldn’t really talk about anything other than the Facebook/Oculus union.

Have a listen, and give us your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, or the comments section below.

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The TBoD Podcast – Episode 49 – Want you back for good

Hello Tea Pots,

Welcome to another freshly poured cup of the Teabag or Die podcast. This week the boys discuss;

Microsoft admits to failings in the PR department,

Sony takes the piss,

Big achievements,




e-sports corruption,

steam controller,

TLoU movie (again),

and this weeks “we called the dog…” title is ‘This is my War

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have a deeks, let us know what you think and keep in touch in all the usual ways.


- eremenko

The TBoD podcast – Episode 48 – Return of the Bat

Welcome back to the stage of victory….. or something less dramatic.

The TBoD guys are back with their regularly scheduled programming, the topics on the bill for discussion this week are;

The Last of Us is getting the movie treatment,

Infamous: second son is set to be a big seller,

Microsoft reduce the price of the Xbox one in a new Titanfall bundle,

Path of Exile is showing devs how FTP should be done,

Duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna BATMAN!


This weeks Indie game is 10 second Ninja

We had some technical difficulties this week so there have been some audio cuts, apologies for that.

As always let us know what you think of the stories discussed this week via the usual portals.

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Thanks for listening,

- eremenko

UPDATE: – Audio has been cleaned up slightly, no cuts in the latest version so re-download latst version.

TBoD Podcast – The MMO special

Hey teabaggers.

We’ve been a little busy this week what with one thing or another and thus we have taken a break from the regularly scheduled podcast but we didn’t want to leave y’all hanging so we popped out a little special for your listening pleasure.

In this special we talk about the beginnings, the ever changing nature and the potential future of the Massively Multiplayer Online gaming scene. We also recorded a very special intro just for the cast, stay tuned at the end for the blooper reel.

Hopefully you will find this as interesting and entertaining as our regularly scheduled programming. Let us know what you thing about the topics discussed in the comments below.

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The TBoD Podcast – Episode 46 – A Klaus Call

Wassup fools!?!


TBoD is back. After a week off due to illness (both mental and physical) and a celebration of new life we have returned for your listening (dis) pleasure. We do our best to catch up on two weeks worth of exciting gaming news including;

Evolve – a 4vs1 shooter from the team behind the awesome L4D,

BF4 – Resuming the stream of DLC coming out from Dice/EA and the implications on the buggy game itself,

Uncharted territory for Seth Gordon, the front runner to bring Drakes adventures to the big screen,

Titanfall – We couldn’t ignore the Xbox/PC exclusive this week of all weeks,

Sonic Boom - The return of the blue blur with a new look,

Destiny – Is the pressure going to get to Bungie as Activision/Blizzard announce expectations,

Elder Scrolls Online – Cause we can.

As always we have our regular segment “we called the dog…” in which eremenko talks about SpaceBase df-9

As always likecomscribe, hit us up on twitter, facebook etc keep an eye out for our streams and stay safe kids.

- menko

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The TBoD Podcast – 45 – Redacted


Welcome to another edition of the TBoD podcast.

Hot off the press, onto our lips, and into your ears this week::

The greatest battle evaaaarrrr, and the aftermath.

DayZ updates.

Nintendo boss halves salary.

Elder Scrolls Online will not require PS+.

EA ruin some more stuff.

Octodad gets even more hilariously ridiculous?

Wolf Among Us episode 2 teaser released.

Our indie game is The Vanishing of Ethan Carter; a beautiful-looking Horror Fiction.

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Enjoy and leave a comment if you like.

From Masyaf to Revelations – Thoughts on Assassin’s Creed through the First Four

If you’ve followed the last couple of TBoD podcasts (what am I saying – of course you have!) then you’ve noticed that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has been given the thumbs up by both Quim and Crim.

(No word from Eremenko yet, but these links make the think he’ll be jumping in soon.)

So since we’re all in the Creed-y mood, this is the perfect time for me to sound off about my recent play-throughs of the first four Assassin’s Creed games (Assassin’s Creed through Revelations).

While not exhaustive, this is a list of what stuck out to me during these last few months of protecting humanity from the shadows. I hope you enjoy, and many thanks to the Teabag Or Die crew for letting me be a part of this site!

It builds character

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know a character again – I haven’t spent this much time with a single protagonist since my NES days when I was stomping Koopas. Altair (from the first game in the series) stayed distant, but it’s Ezio Auditore (Assassin’s Creed II through Revelations) that has really pulled me into the story of the series.

Ezio (Brotherhood)

The man, the myth, the legend – Ezio “you’ll never see my eyes until it’s too late” Auditore

Through his multi-game story arc I have the chance to follow Ezio from (literal) birth through the course of his adventure-filled life, and my experience is richer each time I revisit the world because of how far I’ve traveled with this character.

For me, Ezio’s personal story carries more weight than Altair’s for one simple reason – family. While Altair’s opening loss in Assassin’s Creed is a loss of pride, Ezio’s opening loss of family gives his journey a stronger cord that pulls you deeper into the gameplay and story.

Besides the main assassins of the series, the supporting cast have enriched the game world as well. Niccolo Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, a host of other historical notables, and family members of the Auditore family have made me care about the protagonists – and the goals they set – as the games have gone on.


Supporting characters help the story, and also provide tips on hats

It’s easy to forget how important secondary characters are, but they can strengthen a good plot or save a poor one. For the Assassin’s Creed series, so far it’s been the latter.

The Matter of Maps

I couldn’t have appreciated the maps of these games without first playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. While I still plan to go back to the land of Cyrodiil, I was incredibly frustrated with how the map was set up in the game.

The Oblivion map has two settings – you’re either looking at the entire world or the immediate area around your character, and it’s difficult to get a true sense of where you’ve been or what’s in your immediate area. While the differing map function may reflect the different styles of the two series, I’m a fan of how Creed does it.

My favorite kind of map - the kind that actually shows you things

My favorite kind of map – the kind that actually shows you things

I originally thought the thing I loved most about games was exploring, but it turns out that’s only half right. I love exploring, but I also love to be able to see where I’ve been – to have a sense that I’ve conquered a world, every nook and cranny. A map is the chief way I can see that happen, and the Assassin’s Creed series does a great job of making me feel like I’ve investigated every inch of the world.

A Family Affair

Playing through the series with my family is something I’ve been blest with over the course of these five games. Thankfully my wife knew what she was getting into – in our first year of marriage she watched me play through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – so to jump into these games with her has been fantastic.

But she’s not the only one – this is one of the first games the kids have been able to watch me play through. No, they don’t watch all of the gameplay, but I love introducing them to one of my favorite pastimes in bite-size chucks.

To illustrate, here are what the games involve as far as my children know:

  • You get to ride a horse, but not only that – you can whistle for it anywhere and it will come to you
  • Climbing is not really dangerous because there is always a pile of hay to soften that sudden stop at the end
  • Guards, while only doing their job, are to be avoided. When a group of them start to get close, I was instantly warned to be careful
  • Did I mention you get a ride a horse? That’s all they need to know – game of the year
Fun fact - this horse is the actual horse you hear during the quick-fire stat

Fun fact – this horse is the actual horse you hear during the quick-fire stat

Nothing is true except this statement

Assassin’s Creed is postmodernism in game form. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” is not only the assassin’s maxim but a tidy summary of what postmodernism (in general) tries to say.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations went deeper into what the creed means as Ezio looked back on Altair’s motivations for why he did what he did, and the commitment to this line of thought is commendable.

It’s not a dish I prescribe to, but it’s good to know what you are served with any time you’re consuming media – and the fact that the game has a message is one of the reasons the story stays strong throughout the series.

Extended Creed

When I take on a fiction, I’m usually all in. How many ion cannons did the second Death Star have? Tell me. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) was build above Mars in the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards? I need to know about it. Aragorn was the sixteenth Chieftain of the Dunedain, the title taken by the Heirs of Isuldur after the last kingdom of Arnor was destroyed? I’ll remember that quicker than my own address.

This is why I’ve enjoyed the extras Ubisoft has added to the universe in order to give those who want more, more. LineageAscendance and Embers (especially Embers) are three films that not only added to the story but also to its impact.

"Revelations" finished Ezio's story, but "Embers" gave you his final fate and legacy

“Revelations” finished Ezio’s story, but “Embers” gave you his final fate and legacy

The more character development to you supply, the more power the story can have through continued connection with the gamer. The films I mentioned – as well as comics and other resources – take players deeper into a world they love, and I don’t take that for granted.

Sounds from the Rooftops

Not since the Halo Series has a soundtrack fed so well into the gameplay. The great Jasper Kyd composed from the first game through Revelations, and his music … wait for it … hits all the right notes.

Giving you that epic feeling at just the right time, pulling on the heartstrings when the drama kicks in, and the intensity punch when you’re discovered and have to run for your life – Kyd does it all fantastically.

First Person Perspective

Playing through the games back to back (as opposed to the year most people had to wait) made me realize I missed a feature I didn’t initially know was there – first-person perspective.

As I was playing Assassin’s Creed II I happened to hit the joystick down and WHAM – I’m looking right out the eye-holes of the main character. And once I found that out, I couldn’t stop doing it. Taking in Venice from every rooftop, gazing up from a gondola at night and watching the moon rise, climbing the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and being able to stare out at the city as dawn approached – having the first person perspective allowed for much more immersion during these memorable moments.

I missed being able to look over my shoulder in "Revelations"

I missed being able to look over my shoulder in “Revelations”

In Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the ability to see through eyes of Ezio was taken away – and my game experience suffered because of it. The vistas of Constantinople didn’t have the same opportunity to wow me as previous settings had, simply because I had to looking past my character’s shoulder.

Of course the landscapes are still spectacular, but they could have been even better in Revelations if the ability to look through your assassin’s eyes would have been left in tact.

Seeing the Layers

When playing a game you accept that certain things happens off screen. As a plot carries on, you’re usually given cutscenes or flashbacks that give the player the sense of a larger game afoot, of other things happening.

What I feel the Assassin’s Creed series does so well was is to  show you those layers, in all there reaction and indifference. When you fail a jump and land on top of a crowd, they scatter and your actions from that moment on affect the surroundings and game flow. But if you keep your balance and stay above, you need never interact with the ground level.

How much you want to be a part of the goings on in the street is up to you

How much you want to be a part of the goings on in the street is up to you

The citizens of Acre and Monteriggioni would never know the drama happening right above them, of your important missions or how so many things hang in the balance. The Creed games literally show you that instead of explaining or montage-ing it, and it’s another positive in the immersion category.

Shared Memories

Speaking of landscapes, the vistas of the Assassin’s Creed games often adorn my desktop background at work, and that has lead to several comments of “where is that?” from coworkers, who are seemingly disappointed when I tell them it’s a game I play.

But I had an unexpected surprise from one coworker – she returned from a trip to Italy, which coincided with my play-through of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood, both set in The Boot.

It was amazing to hear about her experiences and see her photos from Rome, Florence and other cities, and feel like I had been there as well. Yes the cities are not an exact replication and the well-known landmarks of each city are brought closer together in the game world, but the general feel – the grandeur, the bustle, the sense of history – is all there.

"I've been there." "Hey, me too!"

“I’ve been there.” “Hey, me too!”

To be able to share my enjoyment with the games with someone who’s never played them was something I didn’t see coming – two people brought together over the same place, the only difference being how that location was represented.

(As an added bonus, I also found out she’s played through Ocarina of Time. Respect.)

The Bleeding Effect

Embracing a franchise means my time with the game doesn’t just involve me playing through it, but thinking about it off screen and seeing different aspects of it pushing out into other parts of my life.

Those “other parts” include but are not limited to the following:

Books – reading The Knight in History by Frances Gies was one of the reasons I started playing through the first Assassin’s Creed, and it certainly enhanced the experience by providing a factual background to the medieval world of a knight.

Gies Knight

Leo's Notebooks

Leonardo’s Notebooks also caught my eye in a local bookstore, and the entire period of the Italian Renaissance is something I find myself wanting to learn more about. I have Assassin’s Creed II to thank for that.

Parkour all Over – after playing these games, every surface around me suddenly seems the ideal surface to vault over or perch on. Water towers, ladders, random boxes – no longer just everyday objects, they now seem the perfect place to get a lay of the land if need be.

Not that Impressed – I recently watched The Bourne Identity, and there’s a part early on the film where Jason Bourne escapes pursuit by climbing down the wall of an American embassy.

While the Bourne Trilogy is one of the best collection of action movies around, I found myself not that impressed with the wall-scaling of the hero. “I’ve done that” came to mind and while unfair, it’s interesting in just how many ways games can affect the way we see other media.

Many Doll House

The Assassin’s Creed series brings you into history, but it also lets you own a little part of it.

Ezio's Room (AC2)

While my in-game character never sits in that chair, I like to think that he does after I turn the console off

Emphasized in Assassin’s Creed II and Brotherhood, you home base was place you could invest in – spruce up with art, view portraits of past targets, see the tombs of previous assassin’s, etc. Throughout the games it was a place I always loved to come back to – it really made you feel like it was where you belonged … and that’s just what home should be.

Back to the Colonies

I’m (predictably) currently playing Assassin’s Creed III and still enjoying the series – there’s an adjustment period when moving to a new main character (Altair to Ezio, now Ezio to Connor) but after a slow start I’m hitting the sweet spot.

And then it’s onto more Pirate-y things!

The TBoD Podcast – 44 – The Teabag or Die Saga

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The whole crew is back this week to go through the latest gaming news, along with our views and opinions.

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Lastly, we discuss some copyright issues around last week’s indie game, the Banner Saga

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The TBoD Podcast – 43 – The Neverending Tangent

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Another weekly digest of gaming news, views, and the inevitable tangents you all love us for.

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