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MS Dosser: -

Distinctly average FPS player.

Now that I am a proper ‘grown-up’, I thought that projecting my half opinions at the world could be a good idea and thus this blog was born.

Then it dawned on me that my half opinions often tend to be the recycled and regurgitated opinions of the people I know, rehashed and relayed to other people I know. So this got me thinking if this is going to be even remotely interesting to the passing blog crawler then a contributor with actual thoughts would probably be a good idea. Enter eremenko.

Also 28 also Newcastle.
Thoughts …. Maybe not, cynicism and venomous spite maybe. When Dosser asked me to contribute to this blog about games I jumped at the chance to throw some of my gaming likes and dislikes at the public en-masse, hopefully some of them will stick. The main thing that brings us together is our love if Halo but being a massive j-rpg fanboy (which includes the obligatory ps3 ownership) means Dosser and I have some very different ideas about what makes a great game. Hopefully this will give the blog some variety to keep you all from getting bored of repetitive one-sided viewpoints.


Gamer, Writer, and co-host on Postgame Carnage Report.

Motto:  F***  IT’S COLD!

I’ve always been interested in writing, and have dabbled throughout the years in fiction, and various other literary exploits…But one strong calling I’ve had is writing articles, and now game reviews.  I try to offer constructive input on the games I play, without allowing the picky, and ever scrutinizing cynic in me devour my prose.

I am honored to have been invited to the Teabag or Die blog, and look forward to offering my maple syrup drizzled words, and bacon-crisp Canadian wit to TBOD.  Thanks for having me guys!


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