TBoD Presents – A Christmas Console

Yuletide greetings Teabag or Diehards,

‘Tis the season of goodwill and in the spirit of Christmas we thought we would give you this very special episode which sees us rework (read: butcher) a classic tale.

A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


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The TBoD Podcast – 82 – Wubbing myself off

Hi everyone,

The boys are back in town with a similar kinda funk again this week. We talk:

The Game Awards winners, including:


Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt; and


The PS1 turns 20

Our indie game this week is Before

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See y’all soon!

The TBoD Podcast – 81 – Gettin’ Stuck on the D

Greetings friends,

All the gang is back together on our inaugural fortnightly cast. This episode, we riff on:

Halo 5: Guardians news

Blizzard’s new FPS/MOBA, Overwatch revealed

Arkham City easter eggs still being found

And we discuss the latest trailer for Telltale’s Game of Thrones

Our indie game this week is Zombie Night Terror


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The Drunken Teabag Podcast – We blew up a Halo

Welcome Chief’s and Cortana’s!

Boy do we have a very special episode we bring you the fine young gentlemen from The Drunken Halo Podcast who are live in the studio.

In this show we pose quite a few Halo based questions from Twitter to our guests.

To round the show off it TBoD vs Drunken Halo in Chief’s Play your Maps Right drinking game.

We are proud of this one, hope you love it.

The Drunken Teabag Podcast – We blew up a Halo

The Gaming House Party: Long Live Your King.


The forks in the road in the ever changing video game community. It’s like the big house party where we wander room to room… some more interesting than others. Some we stay in and have a great time for a while. Some other rooms we wander to, we pop in and politely drop out. Then we wander back to a room where we were before and see some familiar faces and new ones. Meanwhile, every once in a while, rumor of another party down the street floats around and some people leave… and some of them come back… churn, churn, churn.

We all have a ‘Favorite community we gauge in our minds as for us personally the ‘Best’ community we had been a part of. The Golden Age of gaming for us. But for most of us, we naturally stray away to new hotness. Sometimes a new version of same game and its community, sometimes new game and sometimes (gasp..) new platforms.

It’s well noted my golden age is around Halo community. Although spanning multiple versions, Halo 3 was my top pick.

But over the years since (and before even) there was the cycle of new games new rooms to walk around and test the waters.. to have fun. This goes back to when I was PC gaming in the late 90’s where copy and pasting IP addys in cumbersome GUI screens to play a laggy 1v1 game that you prayed your ISP held up and then after a game post 1000 word explanation on an AAR was the Golden Age for so long. But a couple of new kings came along, a lot of fun with games and the people in those communities.

This year I feel the community I am intertwined in is having a real banner run. Titanfall and Destiny came out already and have been big hits in their own ways. Another COD that well make fun of but play hours and hours, not one but 2 Assassins Creed and newbies like Sunset Overdrive which makes me faceplam but show that there are cool angles being thrown at AAA studios and titles.

But I cling to the golden age, The Master Chief collection which is here very soon.

Granted I admit since it was confirmed I HOPED it would be good. Because blind faith, the same type I made fun of people who bought into Destiny so much yet I have myself for MCC, had me reading every snippet of rumor/news over the last few months as a so eagerly wait to enter the room again in the gaming house party. I got my party shoes on, shaved, gelled the hair and got my fancy beer ready to go to the party.

343 has added a lot of bells and whistles, that have sold me or at least have me hoping more and more this is not a mere stroll down Sentimental Lane. I think we can all agree, in the Halo party room, that for at least a while once the doors open up on November 11th, well party hard.

So how long does the party go? In a short mess with vomiting and regretful woe? Or do we get bombed and find ourselves months down the road in Led Zeppelin type tour form partying to new dizzying heights with the Golden Age back.. with the King.

But as the expression goes, “Long live the King”, and I hope the king, my beloved Halo is still strong. However I understand that other expression.. “The King is dead.. long live.. (insert next in line to take throne.)

We are in for a treat with MCC. I believe its been a banner year for console gaming no matter  what pans in the final 6 weeks of it.

May you find a cool room to party.. I hope we meet! But most of all.. enjoy!


The TBoD Podcast – 79 – Porn Judge Wang Dong

Goulish greetings Teabaggers!

In honour of Halloween this week, we have a spooky theme running through the show.

More of a discussion show this week, and we also cover:

Black Glove potentially coming to PS4

DayZ – hardcore mode

Fan remake of Resident Evil 2


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The TBoD Podcast – 78 – A Night with the Oscars

How do chaps and chapettes,

on this weeks show Crinbot, The Quim Ninja and myself discuss all kinds of gaming stuff including;

no respawn,


favourite levels,

and this weeks indie game is the delightfully strange “Oscar“.

enjoy, like, subscribe, comment etc

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- eremenko

The TBoD Podcast – 77 – The Krapton Fyctor

Hey dudes and dudettes,

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of the TBoD podcast. This week, we talk about:

Dragon Age Inquisition

Halo 1 and Halo 2 gameplay from the Master Chief Collection

With Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead getting her very own action figure, we talk about what unlikely characters we’d like to see as action figures.

Our Indie game this week is Elegy for a Dead World

And finally…we do a short profile of 2BC Productions, a YouTube channel Crinbot has been watching a lot recently.

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The TBoD Podcast – 76 – Just lounging

Just Lounging

Hello everyone,

TBoD are back in full force albeit a little worse for ware on The Quim Ninjas birthday weekend. Get yourself settled like we did to record this one, it’s really best listened to whilst reclined.

As always thanks for listening, hit us up in the comments or on facebook, twitter, itunes etc.

The TBoD Podcast – 75 – The Comfy Cast

Hello baggers,

Quim and menko are back as a duo this week so we took it easy kicked back, put our feet up and brought you the latest cast from a reclined position.

Have a listen and let us know what you think in the comments on the twitters and anywhere else you can.

The comfy cast

The TBoD Podcasts – 74 – You Look Titan Those Pants

howdy Guardians,

This week The Qum Ninja and myself are joined by ThisIsReklaw and Cut_Masta_C to talk about our early experiences in Destiny. Crinbot makes a cameo apperance as our musical maestro as usual, hope you enjoy the show, make sure you hit us up with your Destiny epic moments either in the comments below or via facebook, twitter etc.

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menko out.

TBoD Greatest (S)Hits part 2

Howdy guys and gals,

Constraints on time means there’s no regular podcast this week. Instead, we have another installment of our Greatest (S)Hits. So put on some comfy clothes, settle into your favourite armchair or sofa, and crack open some booze to mitigate the aural assault we’re about to put you through.

Also, look out for some Eurogamer video diaries coming very soon.


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My ears were violated…




Look, were all either too busy playing Destiny, NHL 15 or waiting for Halo and the Master Chief collection to blog…

However as a public service announcement, let me warn you that there is often pain to get pleasure.. I love the TBOD podcasts, but the things we do for love…

I make myself lol….


The TBoD Podcast – 72 – Barry Gibb Looks Like a Lion

Hello again friends,

We’re back again for your weekly dose of gaming news and banter. This week:

Destiny ships $500 milion on day one

Microsoft to buy Mojang?

Embarrassing sales figures for XBOne Japan release

What’s the future of mobile gaming?

PS4 and XBOne GTA V release

And finally……this guy completed Dark Souls, using a Rock Band controller…

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Snake Oil/Public Beta Test will cure all that ails your game!



A game called ‘Destiny’ got released this week, you might have heard of it. I was very outspoken about it. It was in a polite debate with others when beta testing got mentioned, I then got the itch on a serious scratch. Do people even know what a beta test is? Do they understand what it can or can’t change with a game? Do they even know what professional beta testers even do?


What is a Beta test?

be•ta test


1. 1.
a trial of machinery, software, or other products, in the final stages of its development, carried out by a party unconnected with its development.


Did you read that? FINAL stages of development.


I’m rehashing the debate of so many fans of games with sequels, when they complain the game has become inferior with subsequent copies, that a public beta would ‘fix’ the game in question.

Halo is the best example in my gaming corner of the universe where the debate that ‘Core Halo Gameplay’ is missing and that a public beta test would help fix this in the next version of Halo.

If CORE gameplay, mechanics are broken in a game, beta testing won’t fix it. That would be something an alpha testing round would first of all determine and then either fix or skip. But once your past that point, where the engine basics are set, you are limited to change to essentially the arrays for variables like speed, accuracy, damage of certain objects ect ect. Things that are effectively data in arrays that are always tweaked throughout a games existence pre and post launch.

It IS possible that a combination of these ‘external engine’ arrays can modify gameplay a lot. But if you don’t like the mechanics of a game, that’s a huge bit of work to fix, if it even can be fixed without domino effect or patch spaghetti coding, that effectively throw the QA people to pull the switch and go back to alpha testing. this would be throwing a project into reverse and in the case of a AAA title, costing literal hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions when you factor in potential loss of sales. Do we have a precident? Perhaps… I mean closed beta testing, which happens the vast majority of the time could be behind a game that has been pushed back, but what last AAA title besides Watchdogs had a major push back on release date? It is just something that doesn’t happen alot. But my point is, If there is an engine glitch, unless its a game breaker when flagged only in beta, it normally won’t be changed.

I have brought this up before in other blogs. But now have heard it in podcasts about OTHER games. So it’s all about misinformation. People calling for Beta Test to help their favorite game in most cases don’t understand how testing builds work. I’ll also go on the record that most public beta testers don’t give decent feedback, they basically just like having the game early. I spent a few years doing the often archaic style bug reports when I worked in game testing, where it was a lot more serious because it was our job. That doesn’t mean the layman can’t be a good tester, it’s just the vast majority of public beta testers don’t understand WHY they are beta testing.

Trust me folks, after doing bug/summary reports on dozen if not hundreds of games on various projects, if you ever had to do this after every games like you were supposed to, you would not always be eager to be a tester. Not at alpha level for sure and as far as beta is normally a mass of checklists of things you have rooted out for weeks if not months and can be very tedious. In many cases, a real professional tester often rarely and sometimes never plays a game after going gold. By that point, your sick of it!

YES, beta testing can help solve annoying issues like say the infamous Halo Reach beta grenades which were CRAZY strong and got nerfed for gold version. But these type things are usually tweaked going forward anyhow when a non public beta fails to catch it. These type changes are polish. Whereas core game mechanics are ore the guts and can’t be solved without major overhaul through beta testing.

I know.. I know.. I brought this up before in previous blogs. But I want to stop the misinformation that’s now creeping into a lot of games pitching Public Beta like a snake oil salesman in increasingly more posts I read.

PS: You thought I would rag on Destiny this week? Nah… Activision told me not to on day one…


TBoD 71 – Punching dragons to death


Thanks for tuning in to episode 71 of the TBoD podcast. This week, we discuss:

Destiny live action trailer

Remastered Resident Evil

Consumer rights issues for Valve


Our indie spotlight this week is on Framed

And finally, Many a True Nerd: YouTuber, Redditor, and gamer who completes interesting challenges. The latest challenge, completed at the end of August saw him killing everyone in Fallout 3.

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Halo Players & Their Kids Get Together! Join In!





The Halo community is ready to explode! We soon will be able to play the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One, Halo 5 will be going to public beta soon after and of course 343 is giving us the Halo channel and movies and … well LOTS OF THINGS!

It’s a great time to be a Halo fan!

Now lets get together a corner of the Halo community that is out there but hasn’t really come together.

I am getting a game night.. day actually because it will allow those in this special community more ease to get together.. HALO PLAYERS AND THEIR KIDS! That’s right, you have heard people mention on various podcasts or read it in Halo forums occasionally where us older players talk of playing our precious game with our kids..



master med

Less than a month before MCC goes public lets have a Father/mother & son/daughter Halo get together!

Now it’s as easy as this, simply LET ME KNOW you want to play in this with your child. Let me know if that date works well for you and what time of day.

Come on! Each family is 2 players, so it shouldn’t be too hard to fill up a party and get this event off the ground?

IT’S ALL FOR FUN! Families play others in ‘family free for all’ or the kids vs parents.. we can play it all! We also will decide what version of Halo to play on beforehand, to make it more appealing to everyone!

Even if you don’t have kids, but know of a Halo player who has a kid, PLEASE mention this to him/her so we can hopefully have them join in on the fun!

Simply email me at andrewgagnon30@hotmail.com if you’d like to join in or have any ideas to add!




The TBoD Podcast – 70 – The Morgan Freeman Mod

Yo Teabaggers,

Welcome back for episode 70. We have super special guest BadMotherLicker joining us in Crinbots absence this week you can find Licker on @megaspaceninja on twitter. He joins in the fun to chat with us about;

And much more.

Tune in, listen, comment, like, subscribe etc.

GLT PSA : Titanfall Exploit Has to Stop!





As alot of you know, my son and I do a series of videos called “Gottta Love Titanfall.” Well, as I play this game more and more, I decided to not only take funny and cool moments from the game, but now well throw together PSAs for these vids to help community when needed.

In this case, our first PSA is aimed at a tactic used in Last Titan Standing mode that is not cheating, its just an exploit which takes away from fair and fun gameplay.

Don’t get me wrong, all games have things like this, but I feel strong communities bring them to light and lets people know it’s not going to help make the community better to continue to do it.


The TBoD Podcast – 69 – The Sexy Number

Hey listeners,

Back to basics this week with our original duo The Quim Ninja and eremenko representing TBoD, Crinbot couldn’t make the show this week but the two of us still managed to go long as usual on the following topics;



Ori and the Blind Forest,


our ‘we called the dog…’ game this week is The Firm,

and finally,

two button bashing fish.

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Thanks as always for listening if you have something to say about the topics discussed hit us up on twitter or comment below.

- eremenko

Oh no.. Gagnon is on Vine…





My first, and greatly witty Vine..

Okay, was last February when I got my first real look at Vine. I had heard of it last year, but when hearing about it: a social networking app similar  to Twitter that let you put 7 second looping video clip to communicate.. I ‘Mehed’ and didn’t think about it again.

But it was in fact my daughter, who was the one in February who showed me Vine on her phone as we waiting for my son to hit the ice at a hockey game. As someone who had used it alot, and the fact I can’t ignore my daughter, she showed me some great creative stuff!

Now for those who don’t know, recording with your phone in a simple ‘touch and record’ fashion, you can make a straight single shot video or by taking your finger off at intervals do several sections, even stop motion if your nimble enough. Although you can do edits with music and effects from your PC if you use Google Chrome which allows you to upload edited vids. (Yes,, Ill be doing this.)

There are different categories to help you search for specific vids and people and of course the now presumed hashtag feature to aid in this.

On Vine, you can find already established social Media stars like Harley Morenstein of ‘Epic Meal Time’ fame has over half a million followers and in the 7 second world of Vine has some great laughs in the comedy genre that is associated with him. But there is a new crop of their own stars that keep me laughing the most. There is the Vine immortal Nash Grier, with over 9.2 million followers and who’s vids are often simple, yet epitomize what Vine is. A quick fix of fin that once you open up, you then snap out of it realizing you have been viewing them and chuckling for an hour.


I often complain that on Youtube the internets attention span is too short.. and Vine does take that to a new level of short. (I had to cut down my 2 hour movie ‘A Fridge 2 Far 2′ into 9 parts to get any decent amount of views/exposer) But this limited canvas opens up what I mentioned earlier, great creative stuff!

Whether its someone having a conversation with themself, (Clicking on and off and swapping spots on a couch for example) pranking people, or a simple wise ass comment on something people see in everyday life, you would be simply amazed what people can do with 7 seconds.

Now it isnt all just comedy, there are sectiosn for things like art, DIY, food and a lot of music samples where people audition their talents for maybe future fame. But don’t kid yourself, comedy rules the day with Vine.

Now unlike Youtube, the ‘other’ video web thing, you can’t make money on views with Vine. Now while you can help market your brand if you do have something like monetized vids on Youtube you may point your Vine quickie to, the lack of monetization means the vids are much more genuine. Sure, the people want to to watch and like, but like so many things, when money is added to the equation, it can make things complicated. I mean were talking 7 second vids.. why complicate such a simple thing when its so good as is?

Yeah, I am on Vine. I find it entetaining, addictive and can’t wait to create more propaganda, I mean videos on it for you….

FIND VINE AT: https://vine.co/

ADD ME AT VINE AT: Gagnon 30






The TBoD Podcast – 68 – Patchy Erections

Good morrow friends, and welcome back to the TBoD podcast!

This week, we have mostly been talking about the Gamescom expo, with the old familiar tangents thrown in too.

Listen, enjoy, comment, subscribe etc. in the usual places: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or comment below.


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You Can’t Go Back Home… Deal with it…

Sorry for those of you who were happy to see me not post blog last week.. was on vacation and now I am back! (Over 2000 rambling words for you in fact…)





There is a lot of choice in today’s gaming world. So many more that any time in its history that I feel it’s hard for a games community to survive unless it is one that has multiplatform and multigame players in its ranks.

In fact, it makes the argument that ‘We need to go back to classic INSERT YOUR FAVORITE GAME HERE a moot point. The days where thousands of users were in your favorite games lobby, where it was constant week after week, where posts in forums were all positive, where the grass was greener on your side of the fence are gone.  Simply, you can’t go back to the way anything used to be, because we’re not talking apples to apples anymore

Let me outline my train of thought on the complexity of modern day gaming in a simpler bastardized flow chart.


Let’s look at chopping it up into what path a gamer can choose. Now the reality is, while if you have the time and most relevant money, you can take many of these paths right from the top. But most of us can only afford to go into multiple directions only within a certain platform machine we choose to be ‘My console’. But let us first outline the paths.

CHOICE: ‘What platform do I get?’

You have the PC or console at the highest level. I used to be exclusively a PC gamer for over a decade, by the way. When you choose the PC path, you need to have right equipment; in fact it’s recommended you have an idea of what type game you will be playing right from the start to make sure you have a machine that can handle it.

Now if you have chosen the console side, you have a couple more decisions before you hit the next level the PC players choose. So that being said.. PC players wait while we go through 2 decision steps for console players.

CHOICE: “What console do you wish to get?”

Of course the big three are (In alphabetical order to avoid catfight) Nintendo, Playstation & Microsoft. (I will now refer to Microsoft machine for the rest of this article as ‘Xbox’.)

Now while it’s not always in effect when it comes to console gaming, right now we are at a recurring but temporary state of being in flux of ‘New gen or old gen’. This then creates another decision.

CHOICE: “What gen of my chosen console do I want?”

Now with fans of Nintendo, there are increasingly less games for the old gen, WII, so the WII U will be the choice of most who prefer Nintendo. But for the fans of Playstation and Xbox, the choice isn’t a slam dunk. Games for both their units still are in production.

While to a lot of us, getting old gen right now is a short term deal no matter what. One can’t ignore the low cost point of the old gen with the still available and in production games, makes it a viable option for those with a tighter budget.

You also can’t knock the fact that right now there is no question that more players are still on old gen than new. This will change, but for those who eventually filter down choices to games requiring multiplayer, old gen normally offers bigger communities to pool games from.

The next choices are where more people will choose multiple paths. In fact I can’t branch off any more subgroups on the flowchart because it would be massive. So now using the ‘multiple selection’ angled box, we sweep downward despite the incredible amount of choices we have. Add the lopping factor that we play multiple genres and it blows the stats nerd/flow chart peoples mind.

CHOICE: “What Genre do I want to play?”

IMPORTANT VARIABLE: For Genres, I found this WIKI page that best outlined the array to choose from… over 50.


Not an easy answer as most of us will play multiple genres. Not regularly per say, but at the very least dabble, after all some genres have their own sub types. Like shooter games which as the linked wiki page shows 7 different types.

 CHOICE: “What game do I want to play?”

Well, this is where it gets interesting, I like FPS so I can play Halo, COD, Titanfall or hell even Plants vs Zombie’s Garden Warfare. PLUS DOZENS MORE IN ONE GENDRE ALONE.

CHOICE: “What version of a game do I play?”

Well for Halo fans on a 360 for FPS, they can play Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach, Halo CEA or Halo 4. For COD they can play… good lord.. one of around 8 titles. YOU GET THE PICTURE! But to be fair, let’s say by average, any major given game has 3 versions.


Now that you have chosen to be a FPS playing Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 as your main form of gaming, you actually take another step as a specific role in this community. You can be one or even more of the following.

Non Clan Player: Casual Player

Non Clan player: Competitive Player

Clan Member: Casual Player

Clan Member: Competitive Player

Community Creator: Making things like maps, organizing tournaments, machinima, podcasts, YouTube ect.

In short, you play a different role(s) on a micro level.


‘We need to go back to classic INSERT YOUR FAVORITE GAME HERE’

Remember that line? Well 10 years ago, when Halo 2 took over the gaming world, or at least took it by storm, for those in the FPS genre, this was a golden era. The common lament repeated countless times since that this was heyday for Halo possibly no other console game has scene must understand that the landscape has changed.

With so many options of consoles, genres, games within it and even games competing with themselves, a games community is not easily one that can grow too large for too long. There is competition everywhere and the new hotness is always releasing shortly.

Each step down form the choice selection chart I showed and outlined shows gamers offshooting to smaller groups. More choice is nice, too many choices may still be good.. but the bottom line is smaller communities that turnover more than a guy in bed after 3 cups of coffee. More choices mean more fracture, though I do not think we should all be slaves to one game. Nor do I even feel there is middle ground.. the point is long term community focused on one game.. okay? This isn;t reality any more.

I’ll even say that with social media, where a tweet or Instagram shot showing something in a game somewhere is also adding to the fickle standings of nearly all games while we wait for the new thing to happen as we play the current fav. We should know its essentially short term communities we hop in and out of.

I mean if you were playing Halo 2 in 2004, there weren’t as many systems.. there weren’t as many games to compete with. There wasn’t a tweet to come out saying COD clan ABC was having a tournament that lures people away.

Hell I LOVE Twitter, Instagram and the fast pace of the gaming scene that comes partially from these forms of social media. But there is a cost. Ignorance is bliss, might be a good expression on how we were more content to play the same game for so long back then. We love the game we were playing, we weren’t easily bombarded with propaganda about other games or systems even. Or maybe that were spoiled now? Do we think loyalty is needed? What benefits loyalty in today’s gaming world? Shouldn’t we just play what gives us enjoyment.. point finale? In the end it comes down again to the fact with all the choices and fast pace around this hobby we all love, a long lasting, stable community within a game that has high population numbers is simply becoming less and less a possibility each day.

Let’s keep in FPS on console thought as an example.

I am a Halo player.

Halo 4 community died off and lost many players to Halo.. Halo Reach and Halo 3 even. Other players like myself went to Titanfall. In fact Titanfall took a huge chunk of COD players who weren’t thrilled with Ghosts (Kinda like Halo fans weren’t taken by Halo 4) Battlefield 4 initially took a lot of FPS people to its side, but the horrible server issues have to a degree crippled play having FPS fans scurry to the other titles.

Yet here we are, Titanfall pretty well having disgruntled refugees of the other aforementioned FPS games clinging to it, loving what it brings to the table with its mobility and simplicity. As big of a fan of this game as I am, there is no question a drop in numbers coming, due to the nature of this hobby of ours now. Halo comes out with the Master Chief collection in November, which to complicate things is 4 Halo games in 1 which will fracture its community within itself from a day 1 release. The new COD, which clearly has taken popular angles of Titanfall is coming at the same time. Then there is the game they say is a FPS but is really a MMO in Destiny coming out to grab bodies. Battlefield Hardline will desperately try to gain its followers back in October ITS GOING TO BE TURMOIL IN NUMBERS EVERYWHERE. My current crush Titanfall will fall victim to a reality of the modern day gaming culture/cycle.

But this is the nature of the beast. It is why we can’t go back. The competition and expectations are too high.

It is something repeated in all genres, though there is no question is exceptionally nuts in shooters.

Lets go back to the final step, a role within a certain games community. So if in 2004 I was a Halo 2 player who also hosted a community website, I could thrive and cater to hundreds if not even thousands of regular visitors. But in 2014, with H2A (Part of the Master Chief collection) you are going to have a huge launch, but also a huge drop when the new hotness in whatever form happens.. because it will. It may be in 2 months, 6 months but certainly no longer than the following year when the madness starts all over again of the fall release fury. It is just how it is. Mom and pop style websites used to be everywhere and thrive years ago.. now they have fallen to the wayside, and Facebook with it’s idiot proof way to make anyone create a fansite to whatever they want, helping out this angle.

The fact is, as mentioned early in this novella when I said “I feel it’s hard for a games community to survive unless it is one that has multiplatform and multigame players in its ranks.” Which is what modern day clans like the Porkchop Platoon and VOX clan are doing. They are genre driven and accept multiple games under their banner. Yet even with this approach, while they do maintain a high regular membership to play with compared to say a standalone COD Ghosts clan, but even with the new releases they take under their wing, fractures happen. The turnover is not as high as standalone clan, but is still high.

I laugh when I see 1000 slots for friends on my Xbone… hell I would love 6 long term friends I can count on to play Titanfall with long term. Because in 4 months from now we could all be playing different games.

So let’s close this puppy up…

Thomas Wolfe is quoted: “You can’t go back home to your family, back home to your childhood, back home to romantic love, back home to a young man’s dreams of glory and of fame, back home to exile, to escape to Europe and some foreign land, back home to lyricism, to singing just for singing’s sake, back home to aestheticism, to one’s youthful idea of ‘the artist’ and the all-sufficiency of ‘art’ and ‘beauty’ and ‘love,’ back home to the ivory tower, back home to places in the country, to the cottage in Bermude, away from all the strife and conflict of the world, back home to the father you have lost and have been looking for, back home to someone who can help you, save you, ease the burden for you, back home to the old forms and systems of things which once seemed everlasting but which are changing all the time–back home to the escapes of Time and Memory.”

I’ll amend and add the following to this.. “…and you sure as shit can’t go back to classic long term individual game community.”

g30 footer

TBoD Greatest (S)Hits

Howdy friends, This week, we thought we’d bring you a medley of our greatest hits. So sit in a comfy chair, make a brew, and let us take you away on a magical journey through gaming. /crinbot

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The TBoD Podcast – 67 – Ether One Interview


This week Quim and I were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Pete from White Paper games. After a Q&A session about Pete’s work in the industry and in particular on the studios debut title Ether One‘ Pete was kind enough to stick around and discuss some of this weeks big news including;


early access on consoles,

Journey down roads travelled,


Thanks again to Pete for joining us, we had a great time chatting with him and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
The music used in this weeks show is from the Ether One Original Soundtrack by NJ Apostal and is available as part of the Deluxe edition.
Special thanks to Donnie aka @Murderzmedia for the image.
- eremenko

Cosmodrome Care Package

Now the dust has settled and the Destiny Beta is long gone, I thought I would gather up the video’s eremenko and I made showing off the mayhem we got up to.

Also redeem these trading card codes below onto your bungie profile for some mystery stuff come launch. There is no limit on how many people can use these so what are you waiting for?


The TBoD Re-Cast – The Last of Us Spoilercast

The Last of us  (3)

To mark the re-release of one of our favourite games of all time, The Last of Us Remastered, we thought we woult re-post one of our favourite podcasts that we recorded almost a year ago. So here it is, featuring Cruel Legacey, The Wach and Cartoon Robinson – Here is our TLoU Castpocolypse!

The Last of Us Part 2 Castpocolypse now -Right click and save as to download here


Destiny Beta.. “Does the cape make me look fat?”

DISCLAIMER: While generously hosted here at TBOD, the opinions reflected in the Eating Bed blogs are that of the blog writer, Andrew Gagnon. These opinions do not necessarily reflect those of TBOD or its hosts.





The primary duo of Eremenko & Quim Ninja, the driving forces behind TBOD are big Destiny fans, so I can’t make it more clear that my opinion on this game is only mine, not TBOD’s. There are alot of people who feel similar to how I do, so I voice this blog to represent them. Eremeno & Quim are kind enough to let me speak my mind. (Fine line between kind and maybe…. I don’t know.. a bit poor of judgement?) ;)

I honestly tried to play the Destiny Beta and build a neutral review.

In the end well…. let’s start as a neutral review… so please click to view the video blog below…


g30 footer

TBoD podcast – 66 – Skill Tree Huggers

‘sup baggers, we’re back apologies for the delay but we do have a rather special show for you today.

We are joined by three brilliant guests this week David Weeks aka @DestinyAuthor, SpiemanW from @The8bitbeards and last but by no means least @JustinBryce from the Drunken Halo podcast.

This week we’re talking Destiny and all Destiny.

Sit back relax and have a listen to our impressions from the beta.

Skill Tree Huggers

- eremenko